Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cleaning is Stupid

Hey, its me again. Blaaaaaah.

As I was cleaning today I was wondering a few things, mostly:

"What is the point of doing this?!?!?!"

I mean to do the same thing every single day over and over, just pick up messes. Its so dumb. And I don't wanna do it!! Wah wah waaah! *foot stomping*

I also thought that the best time to clean is about the half hour or hour before my husband gets home. Because not only then does it look like I got SOMETHING done, if I did it earlier in the day you wouldn't even know it because it would be a mess again by the time he got home.

Why are kids so disgusting? The things I find sometimes makes me want to hurl they are so mind boggling. I don't remember being so gross when I was a kid.

Yesterday my 11 month old got into one of my cupboards (thats supposed to be "child locked") and SHATTERED three glass pyrex baking bowls. They were stacked inside each other and when he pulled them off the shelf and they landed on the floor--BOOM. Glass everywhere.

I need some sunshine (or happy pills, whatever works) to get me out of this funk. I have zero energy, I am so dead tired. Maybe when spring FINALLY shows up, I'll feel like blogging again. I hope so.

And about the hair cutting. I still don't know. I want to stick it out but I SO don't. Good thing I'm indecisive, because while I wait my hair keeps growing. So at least something is moving forward around here. Or downward. Whatever.


  1. Wow, that takes some talent! Those bowls are thick.

  2. I never clean until a half hour before my husband comes home for exactly the reasons you mentioned.

  3. I'm with Melanie. Back in the day that's EXACTLY what I did...Hey guys daddy will be home soon, let's get busy!!!

    Badda boom, badda bing the house was clean, yeah, thats what happens when the only room big enough to play in was the living room. At least it was easy to clean.

    Now it's a bigger house, plenty of room and no kids...which means more to clean without help..Hummm

  4. I am right there with you on cleaning right before the Hubs gets home! lol.

  5. I did that too when my kids were little. I never cleaned until just before he got home. It must be an untold wives secret! ha ha.

    I bet cleaning up that glass was a nightmare! I hope your little one didn't get poked with any. :(

    I have a hair appointment tomorrow! I'm going to color it... I'm a little scared. This morning when I was fixing it I was thinking the same thing as far as cutting it goes. I want to cut it off... but I'm SO close! I hope I decided before tomorrow! :)

    I hope the sun comes out soon for you. It has done wonders for me this week. When it doesn't come out I am SO depressed so I understand how you feel. Hang in there!

  6. It is a womans dilema since the beginning of time I think. Even Eve probably was asking Adam to "pick up his fig leaves".
    and no sense busting your butt all day, wait and do a major pick up when you need too....just pick up little things as you stumble across them.
    Ya know what...I STILL pick up after my hubby all. day. long. He has been a bachelor waaaay to long and has sloppy habits bless his soul.
    Kinda funny, cause hubby #2 was EXTREMELY tidy.

    and don't stress about your hair...you look darling no matter how you wear it.

  7. So THAT'S when my wife has been cleaning??? Now I wonder what she's been doing all day long. Hm.

    Rest up. Expecting some great blog posts from you soon.

  8. I'm worried about you. Not b/c you think cleaning is stupid (it is) and not b/c you realized it is best to clean a half hour before your husband gets home (most of us come to that conclusion eventually) but b/c you are so blue. Not that I don't get why--it's just worrisome that you are. Try taking Vitamin D supplements--they help me a lot!

  9. the same about my hair LOL
    i thought that if i still care about their growth probably i should let them do that some more time :D


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