Monday, March 28, 2011

Yay and Nay

Guess what guys?! I WON SOMETHING!!!!!


Okay, I seriously have the worst streak of luck when it comes to winning stuff. There will be a blog give away, and only like 5 comments and I will still not win. Boo. But its finally happened for me and I couldn't be happier!! WEeee!

Melanie J. over at Write Stuff, wrote a book. YES. I know! She wrote a book AND its been published. And since I am on a conquest to read 50 books this year, it is just perfect that I won her book! Pretty awesome right?!

So happy. *long, deep sigh*

You know what I am NOT happy about though? Something completely unrelated to what I started with of course!

The last two times my mother-in-law's babysat my kids, she's swatted my baby. My BABY.

The first time, he was getting into one of her cupboards over and over and over, so after awhile she swatted his hand.

The last time, he kept going up the stairs and apparently that deserves a spanking on the bottom.

AND apparently my mother-in-law thinks its quite funny. Like its the cutest little thing to watch his lip quiver and cry because she HIT him.

What would you do? My relationship with her is already strained (more on my end than hers), I don't really need another reason not to like her. I WANT to like her, believe me I do. And sometimes I actually really do. And I'd like to keep it that way, but not at the expense of a little 11 month old who I care much more about. (edit: Kristina asked if my husband could talk to her, which is what I would normally do, but he's out of town. And she's supposed to babysit TOMORROW. So yeah. Poo.)

At least I have a book to throw at her if things don't get it a hard back Melanie?

(Did you see that?! Did you see how I totally came back around to the beginning to wrap that up. Awesome.)


  1. Oh, man, this kind of thing really sucks. Can you have your husband talk to her?

  2. That isn't good. Strained in-law relationships are so hard - especially when it's a parent. I don't think there is ever a reason to swat/spank an 11 month old. I don't even have any advice for you. Dang! Keep the book close! :)

    Congrats on winning, btw!

  3. Yay. Books make me smile, there is nothing like getting one in the mailbox. Let's do a BOOK SWAP! Hooray!

    NAY. Um, do NOT discipline my child. Don't have her babysit tomorrow until you can talk to your husband. I'm sorry, but no. NO.

  4. YUP, totally awesome how you wrapped this up.
    Gosh, I don't know what to tell you...she's NOT beating the kid, right? A little swat may not be that big of a deal.
    BUT...I am old school. I don't believe in time out as much as a swat on the bottom to get the point across. Usually it is their FEELINGS that are hurt most.
    My parents treated MY kids like your mother in law....they loved them, but they had to tow the line.
    sensitive situation I guess.
    BUT...I don't swat MY grandkids, cause I know that 's not how my children handle things as a rule of thumb. She needs to know your boundries.

  5. yeah, now I probably sound like the mother/mother in law from HELL
    I'm NOT!!!!!!!!
    under 2 year olds probably don't understand the "swat"

  6. Unless the Granma is in the role of a disciplinarian in the child's life, as in they live in the same house together, etc., I can't see a proper reason to discipline at all. Especially an infant/toddler. I have no intention of spanking my grandchildren--shooing them outta the kitchen while I'm cooking n' stuff, SURE--Spanking them, Nope, not my style. I'm all about sneaking them cookies and kissing their cheeks...the good Granma stuff, ya know.

  7. As a woman who prempted her mother in law from pacifying my child with her BOOB, I can understand the bounday setting strain and akwardness. You gotta say it. "I feel really akward bringing this up but...". I am feeling for you!

  8. Simply put, I wouldn't have her babysit. Not until you can calmly tell her that it's not her place to disclipline in that manner and she agrees to abide by your rules. For crying out loud, the baby is ELEVEN months old! Has no idea why somebody is causing pain. And to do it because the reaction is cute too? Wrong.

  9. Are you absolutely certain she doesn't read this blog? Cause maybe you could accidently slip her the address and then she could read this and get the point with you actually having to tell her.

    I know I'm not helpful. I just hate confronting issues as a general rule.

  10. Do you want ME to have a talk with her?

  11. Congrats on winning! And if you're gonna win a prize I'd say thats pretty awesome!

    Good luck with the MIL stuff.

  12. Yes, you are a very clever girl. On the subject of mothers-in-law--they improve when dead. In other words, I like mine a whole lot more now that she's gone. I can appreciate the good things b/c the bad things aren't cluttering up the relationship. Also, now that I am closer to being a mother in law than I ever was when she was alive, I am feeling some sympathy for her. It must be hard to not feel like those grandkids are actually your own. I get that now. But not then--bah!

  13. Hm. One of my beefs with my MIL was always that she never wanted to be around her grandkids. Had she swatted the baby I think we would have had words. More words than we usually had.

    What did you end up doing?


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