Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Oh my I just do not have the energy to blog, or exercise, or do laundry, or mother...

I am so tired all the time for some reason and on top of that my motivation level has been...meh.

I think its this weather.

We had snow here last week. It never snows here and I actually really loved it for the most part. It was the best kind of snow, where it stays on the ground but the roads weren't bad. Perfect! But its been super gray and oh so COLD and now that the snow is gone we've had really stormy, windy weather. Also very gray again.

I think it makes me tired and depressed when its gray for weeks at a time. The sun just peaked out and I was like "HAAAALLELUJAAAAH!!!" and angels were singing and a single tear formed in the corner of my eye while I twirled slowly around in a circle but then the sun went back behind a cloud and I feel sad again.

I need spring to get here ASAP.

Hows the weather in your part of the woods? (And if you say sunny and 80, I will kill myself.)


  1. Our weather has been so whacked out lately. Cold and snowy, warm and sunny, cold and rainy, warm and rainy. The other day we had the tornado sirens going off at 4 in the morning. That's when I wonder if I'll have to run to the bottom level of our apartment with two whiny and tired kids, a cranky hubby and me in my underwear! It's definitely not 80 and sunny here, though, so stay alive a bit longer for me! :D

  2. ugh. i hate this inbetween winter/spring stuff we've been having. it's currently high 40s and sunny...but we're do for a nice winter storm tomorrow. Joy.

  3. I agree. I have also been feeling meh.

  4. I truly feel for you. I don't do well when it is cloudy and gloomy - July, Aug, Sept. it can be that way because that is our rainy season... Winter storms don't do me any favors either.

    We have an extra ranch house - why don't you load up your family and come to Arizona for a visit and soak up some sun? It's not really warm here yet, but we did hit 55 yesterday. :)

    Hang in there! The sun has got to find you soon!

  5. The sun is shining right now - GET OUT THERE! It's cold to be sure but still!

    I really hate the schizo-weather these days. Sigh.

  6. Cross you're fingers you're not pregnant . . .


    Gray weather does it for me too. I will not tell you what kind of weather we're having in Southern California right now, but let's just say . . . I feel great.

  7. I have such bad spring fever, I actually strangled a bird in anger that it wasn't singing loud enough.

  8. It's sunny and gorgeous--in San Diego. I hate San Diego. We're back and it's good, but I miss the sunshine.

  9. well, YOU KNOW how I feel about this winter. So I will make you very happy as we are just barely getting to the point where we are above zero.


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