Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Lost...Trash Bag?

So I taught Relief Society on Sunday. Crazy huh? Its been awhile since I taught Relief Society. I taught the Young Women every once in awhile but its different (mostly the Young Women just stare at you). It was a good lesson and I'm happy to say that I think it went really well. In fact, it was sort of even fun! Weird huh? Anyway, the point I'm getting at is not that I'm an amazingly awesome teacher (because you could've guessed that already right?! ha. ha ha ha.) but that it was a real pick me up and I've been feeling pretty good this week. YAY!

But I want to complain about something (boo!). Not that I'm really super annoyed or whatever, more than anything I'm confused...

Somebody keeps putting their trash in my trash can.


I don't get it. I just really don't get why you would take the trash bag out of your house and walk outside, see your trash can sitting there and then walk over to my trash can and put your crap inside. I just don't get why someone would need to do that, because if its one of my neighbors their trash can isn't full. Maybe I would get it if the can was like overflowing, but its not. And if they're not one of my neighbors, who the crap is walking around with a garbage bag just looking for a place to throw it away and keeps picking my can?! More than anything, I'm worried there's like something illegal they're putting in there (you have no idea what kind of neighbors I have. But in a nutshell: bad.), or that they're going through my can and finding things I haven't properly shredded. I don't know, I'm just so confused.

Whats better is that I'm constantly going out there and putting my son's stinky diapers in there, so I hope they get a big whiff every time they dump their garbage in there.

I know, I'm evil. Or immature. Whatever.

p.s. I started reading "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown. I had to stop reading it about 3/4 of the way through. Its much more evil than I am. Like horribly so. Maybe I'm really sensitive but when the main "villain" started trapping animals to sacrifice their blood so he could get a high off it, I thought "hmmmm, this is really satanic." Other reasons too, but that was enough to turn me off to it. Sad, it was just coming together.

p.s.s Do you think after reading that, I should start reading "Hunger Games"? Because thats what I got the other day and now I'm sort of scared to read it.

p.p.s I found my husband's little pellet handgun thing, and now its by my bed so I can REALLY hurt anyone that tries to come in and bludgeon me to death. I feel so much safer.


  1. Satan pretty much owns my soul, as I really enjoyed The Lost Symbol.

    I have seen Hunger Games ALL OVER the place. Guess I better join the hype and read them. They better not be crap, like Twilight.

  2. I really liked Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Katniss is so much cooler and tougher than Bella...who is a WUSS. (Sory Bella lovers, I liked the books but really, she's...a wuss.)

    As for the garbage...maybe it's actually a present from a shy person that's too embarrassed to give it to you in person. Have you looked inside the bags to see what's inside? You'll be sad you didn't if there's gold coins or unwrapped hostess cupcakes or brand new nail polish inside!!

  3. Yay people should keep their trash to themselves!!!!

    If I run out of room in my can I always ask before I dump!

  4. I think Hunger Games is a good book. Hopefully you won't hate me for saying that. About the trash can thing... that is super weird. I think you should rig up a camera and find out who's doing it. If it was my garbage can, I'd be really ticked off because I never even have enough room for my trash (and I have TWO cans), let alone someone else's. Jerks. Maybe you could put something in your trash can that would pop out at them and scare them to death when they try to dump their trash. Bees. Or a snake. Try that.

  5. Shoot the trash leavers. I too, do not like satany books, can't sleep.

    Congrats on RS lesson. I teach the 4th Sunday so I get conference talks. I love it!

  6. Let me join the eventual fifty comments you'll get saying the same thing: Hunger Games is great. Definitely read it.

    And I'd feed your son plums to produce even more dirty diapers for your garbage dumping bandit.

  7. Hunger games isn't evil. Slightly disturbing, yes. Evil no.

    You should put a sign on your trash can. Or paint your house numbers on them. I don't know.

  8. Maturity Schmaturity...start filling up THEIR trash can (possibly with dirty diapers)!

    I can't join in on the Hunger Games comments because, well, I don't read.

  9. Kristina makes me laugh
    PEOPLE are just plain weird. Put a sign on your trash that says NUCLEAR WASTE.

    I love to read, but haven't read either of those books.

    I am glad you enjoyed teaching your RS class. I bet they were all thinking "how damn cute you are"

    pellet gun?? shoot em between the eyes.


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