Saturday, February 20, 2010

LOVE a little Late

I'm totally wasting my whole Saturday doing nothing, I haven't showered, still in pajamas, eating chocolate. I have lots of other things I need to be getting done, but for now, I'm blogging. I wanted to do this post last week for Valentine's Day, but I was having a mental breakdown then and didn't get around to it.

So, I wanted to make a list of some things that I love right now, I know it matters so much to you so now I'm doing it! For you! I know, I'm such a giver.

First up:

We had family pictures taken this last August, this picture is what I have for my desktop and I LOVE looking at it. It makes me happy. :)

I LOVE this sweater and necklace set from DownEast, SO super cute!

I so have a thing right now for flowers on necklaces, LOVE it!

Okay, I know I can't ever wear this, nor would I want to. But I think this is the sexiest thing I've ever seen and I LOVE it.

So want this ring, I would wear it every day. Especially when my kids were being terrible I would knock them in the back of the head with it. LOVE.

I've been wanting to decorate so bad lately, and even though I can't paint and do all the fun stuff, I LOVE these colors and I'm so going to paint my crib this next week. Wait for pictures!

I would really LOVE to have some cute expensive maternity clothes (especially dresses for church) but I just can't spend money on something I will wear a couple times over a month and a half, and who knows if I'll get pregnant again? But this outfit is so cute!

What I would LOVE more would to be skinny and get the regular Shabby Apple dresses!

Absolutely LOVE this puffy baby quilt I found on Etsy--so fun!

I am so happy I finally got a letter from my husband with his address, so we can start writing him! Maybe some LOVE letters?

Let's face it guys, maternity clothes suck. I went into Motherhood Maternity the other day, and all I could think was "these clothes are so...frumpy!" The one thing I'm really happy about though, is finally there's a somewhat comfortable jean. I LOVE how this band works, its soft and stretchy and you can fold it over to wherever you feel comfortable. So nice.

Okay, besides putting up pictures of chocolate and candy and all kinds of food; these are some of the things I love right now! How about you, what do you LOVE?


  1. Hey that is a great list!!

    It's a funny thing with maternity clothes. I never thought any were cute while I was pregnant but when I am not pregnant I think there are some really cute things out there - state of mind?? Who knows. But I'm hearing you :D

    Love the baby quilt, love the colorful room!!

    Right now I am loving Bon Jovi - I'm painting my son's room and rockin' out!

    Have a GREAT day and SO GLAD you got a letter from your hubby - that is THE best!!!

  2. YOu have great taste! I love flower on necklaces too.

  3. All those things were awesome---especially your family photo. Cool.

    I love the maternity dress, especially with the gum boots (that's what I call them) Believe me, maternity cloths have come a LONG way baby from when I was having children. Count your blessings. Everything I wore was like a tent. I had a girlfriend who one time when pregnant, and money was tight, she cut a hole in tummy part of one of her skirts for her belly to stick through. It was so dang funny.

    I TOO would love to be skinny and wear something incredibly sexy!!!

    and thumping your kids with that ring---THAT was funny.

  4. I love down to east.... must get that necklace and shirt.

    Glad you have an address for your hubby.... love letters for sure. and keep them and save them, so when your old and gray you can read them all again!!!

    Happy thoughts!

  5. I love your taste in clothes and jewelry too! This is a fun silly thing that my girlfriends and I like to do. We go to the department stores and try out clothes that we only dream of wearing, but would never ever wear and then we take pictures! It's so much fun!

  6. wow you got a japanese friend Mel!

    once you go asian you never go caucasion!

    i too love those boots. but I can barely find a skinny jean as it is to wear my reg boots to fit into... I guess the only outfit you'd be able to wear those boots with is that outfit she's pictured in... and that means I'd have to shave the back of my legs better. boo!

  7. I loved all of those things too. The ring was really cute. i kinda have a ring thing. :) Hope you are well.


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