Monday, February 1, 2010

Crush--and Not the Soda Kind

So its been a week, one week since my husband left. And in that week I've been on a roller coaster of emotions, feeling fine to complete breakdowns. Blue's to red's. Its been a ride.

But I've gotten one overwhelming notion throughout this last week: I'm a teenage girl again.

I am obsessed with a boy. I feel the same as when I had my first boyfriend, where I couldn't get enough of him, where I would wait for his phone call and feel moody and sad when he didn't. And then elated and giggly when he did.

That is how I've felt this last week.

Seriously, its bad. I went to the grocery store, with two of my kids and my big belly looming ahead of me, you'd think that would snap me out of it, but no. I'm going down an aisle and what do I see? A bag of sunflower seeds. And the brand? "David." (Thats my husband's name if you didn't know.) And my heart fluttered and I felt sad and I missed him and I wanted to cry. Over SUNFLOWER SEEDS.

Do you remember the silly roller coaster ride of a crush? I'm right there baby. Right there. Hopefully it will pass soon and I'll be an adult again.


  1. I think it's great to be in this stage.

  2. I love this stage. every time when I go home for the summer and chad and I are away for 2-3 weeks I can't stop calling him, emailing him, chatting with him and thinking about him. I seriously think I could do a long distance relationship... well for 2-3 weeks. I love that you got crushy over the sunflower seeds!

  3. You know, not that this is going to help, but I always kind of wish that I could go back there. You know, the thrill of the first kiss and all.

  4. Awh man! That totally sucks. My Hubs moved 2 states away ahead of me many years ago and the 5 weeks we spent apart was hell. And it was only 5 weeks and we didn't have kids yet. 10 years later I STILL remember how hard it was.

    I guess all I can offer is that someday, in HINDSIGHT, you'll get to see how this time strengthened your whole marriage for YEARS to come. It IS hard now but it WILL be worth it. And it's totally okay to cry over sunflower seeds.

  5. Yup the good old day's.... It's ok you can blame alot on the baby!!!

  6. That is so cute! It is so hard to be away from your husband. Bryce and I were separated from one another for two weeks when he had to start work in Utah and I was in Idaho finishing up school. It was SO hard even though it was only two weeks. I am not looking forward for when Bryce has to go to AMS for 5 weeks. But I feel the way you feel right now every day with Bryce and I hope that it will always stay that way!

  7. That was sweet but GUESS WHAT.
    You never want those feeling to pass/end. NOPE.
    It is kinda what keeps your relationship active, alive, thriving. and dare I say sexy.
    I am almost 60 my dear (YIKES that totally sucks) and yes even though this is my 3rd marriage (sucks again) and I have only been married for 6 months----------it is my total intention to keep those giggly little feelings alive.
    sweaty palms
    melting at his smile
    wanting to do little surprises for him
    everyone should try NOT to get caught up in the familiarity of a marriage ---and be a teenager once in awhile.
    now when I eat David sunflower seeds, guess who I'll be thinking of. YOU TWO

  8. Hi I'm new to your blog - I noticed we have alot of the same people in common so I came over here to check you out - basically because I am a blogaholic, I like collecting new friends and Elvis rocks let me tell ya!!
    I think that is so sweet and totally the way it should be when you are in love with your man!
    My husband travels for work sometimes and I feel the same way each time - can't wait for him to get back and it's like a 54th honeymoon when he does!!! yayyy For Love!!


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