Friday, February 5, 2010

Magic Chocolate?

I'm having a downer of a day. (So what else is new?)

I started out the day trying to do what I needed to do and then things crap it up and I'm slowly sinking down into eating more and more chocolate. Honestly, I eat so much chocolate. I got off the phone with a bill collector and my biggest urge (well, after crying) was to eat a chocolate donut. So I did. I ate the stinkin donut. Son has a poopy diaper, I eat some peanut butter cups. Daughter won't stop throwing fits, I snarf down some M&M's.

Its my coping method I suppose. Good thing I'm pregnant and am supposed to be fat, no one will know right?

The one thing that sucks is that the chocolate doesn't actually fix my problems (probably causing new ones huh?), why doesn't it do that? I thought chocolate had magical properties or something. I'm pretty sure I read in Harry Potter that chocolate will help you feel better after being attacked by Dementors or something...I think those bill collectors are much scarier than Dementors...can't I go after them with a wand and some chocolate?

And the worst part is I'm not even excited for our taxes anymore. It feels like every bit will just go towards stupid bills. And even though I know thats not true, its not even fun now to think of things I might could get. I just want the money to get here, pay things back, and not have to worry about whats in the mail or who's calling now or how I'm going to pay for diapers. Waah. Waah, waah, waaaah.


  1. You are darling! It would be super hard to have the small kids, and be pregnant and have hubby away!! I can relate to turning to food.
    I think you are young enough to get away with the chocolate so go for it :D
    Love your blog!

  2. I wish I could tell you the whole money thing will get better...but not so much. Never has ended for us. WB is 23 and we are still buying diapers!!! Eat the chocolate honey. We heard in Sacrament Meeting that Eve was fat and happy. OK they didn't say fat, they said large and the happy I just threw in.

  3. I will totally join you. We just had to cancel a girl's trip to Disneyland, that was supposed to be tomorrow. Let's wallow in pity together.

  4. Oh sista just eat chocolate and deal another day!!!

  5. dont feel like poo!

    I dont want you too!

    theres gotta be something I can do?

    to make you not feel blue!


  6. Dang, why is it that something that tastes or makes us feel good --for now---always comes back and bites us in the butt later.
    Bill collectors -------I think they are devil worhippers.
    and never give up---cause ONE day, you'll get your "might could gets". It sometimes just takes a really long time.

  7. Oh, for heaven sake, just eat the chocolate! You deserve every little bit!

    And if things get really bad before taxes, you know you can go talk to your bishop and get a little help. It's a bit of a kick to the pride department, but, apparently we need those occasionally. (Okay, at least I do. I'm hoping that's pretty universal. Right? Right?)


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