Thursday, October 14, 2010

Adventures In Babysitting

I don't know why bad things happened to me when there was a babysitter around, but when I reflect on some of my babysitting days, I can think of a few too many sad stories.

Like that one time when my brother got upset that I ate the last of the ice cream (maybe I took it from him? Small detail really) and he chased me down the hall and knocked me down and sat on me and proceeded to STRANGLE me. Yes. Thats right, he choked me. Hands around the neck, head knocking back and forth. Me going "ugh, ugh, ugh!" My sister crying in the corner. It was lovely.

One time my Grandpa babysat us and although I have a wonderful grandpa and I love him, somehow we weren't quite meshing that night. I don't remember what he yelled at me for (I'm sure I was completely misunderstood and had done NOTHING wrong) but I DO remember the crying. And making sure that the tears stayed on my cheeks as I went to bed so that my parents could see them when they got home that night and feel AWFUL that their sweet daughter had been so mistreated.

I started babysitting when I was twelve and believe you me, I made LOTS of mistakes. I'm not going to share them because I wouldn't want child protective services called, which is why I NEVER want a twelve year old to babysit my kids.

The end.


  1. I rarely babysat when I was younger. I look back at babysitting at 11 or 12. And now that I work with teenagers, there is no way in hell I would let an 11 year-old babysit.

  2. Grandpas sometimes make less-than-ideal babysitters. My grandpa once placed my sister in the bathtub for a half hour because she had a poopy diaper and he knew Grandma would be home soon. No water - just a crying sister sitting in her own poop.

  3. My cute Dad hefted my tiny son over his head and slammed his baby head into a moving ceiling fan. I hear you on the questionable Grandpa thing!

  4. that was cute. I used to do tons of babysitting when I was 12 and 13. And back in THOSE days (here I go....) it was like 6 kids for 25 cents an hour. No sheeezit. So when I'd get gigs for like 50 cents and hour I was stocked. AND...(here I go....) I did the dishes, read stories, vacummed the house. It was expected.
    Now days the babysitter just "shows up" and ipods, emails, or talks on the phone the whole time. It is a miracle the kids are still alive and the house still standing when you get home.
    and the wages they get now!!!!..who can afford them.
    I am glad my need for babysitters is OVER
    good luck with that

  5. LOL @ Wendy "No Sheezit!" I love you wendy!!!

    Oh gosh girl the tears on the cheeks... so cute. I want to go back and watch you do that... that would be so freaking funny!!!


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