Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dance Monkey Boy!

You know those people that stand on the corner with a sign and dance around?

Yeah, me too.

Have you ever noticed that you hardly ever notice what the sign even is? And even if you WANTED to know what the dancing sign person was dancing for, they're moving around so much you can't even see the sign anyway.

Mostly I just look at the person and laugh. I especially like the ones that are really dancing and they think they look so cool. I can just see some teenager's thinking on this one:

"Hey, look at that guy dancing on the corner, yeah, the guy with the sign! Dude, I dance waaaaay better than he does! AND I'd get paid to do it! Thats like the easiest/bestest job in the WHOLE WORLD!!"

I honestly think the company is wasting their money because I personally have never gone into a place because of a dancing sign person, so it can't possibly be working.

But hey, they sure are entertaining when you're stuck at a light!

p.s. Do you have your halloween costumes ready? I don't have a single one done and haven't even started! Yikes, gotta get on it! But I do have the idea all ready, so hopefully they'll come together quick. What are you doing this year?


  1. We have kids in our program who do that. One of them loved it!!

  2. The first time I saw a sign holder dancing I was like "THAT. is. AWESOME.". Then by the second and third and 437th time, I was like "THAT. is. SAD.".

    My kids are all wearing costumes from previous years and they are so excited about it. WHEW. last year they all had new ones, so this year I'm taking it easy. Good luck pulling them together! I don't envy that task.

  3. That is so true....the dancing people on the sidewalk in costume and with sign NEVER draw me in. But like you, they make me giggle.
    I feel sorry for them in the summer when it is hot out and they have to wear all that garb.

    We aren't doing anything for halloween. We live to far away for any trick or treaters. and no parties going on.

  4. I am going to be one of those guys that dances on the corner with the Little Ceasars sign for Halloween! Ha Ha

  5. I think YOU should be a dancing sign person for Halloween!

  6. Costume at the ready. I am going as a corner sign dancer.

  7. Costumes somewhat ready. I'm going to be working on it today! Kate and Dallen are ready. Chad doesn't want to. I so want to be a sign dancer. for real... it just looks fun!!! don't hate me!


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