Wednesday, October 6, 2010

So What If I Dance Around in My Living Room?

In my living room, leading out to the backyard is a huge glass sliding door. There's a karate studio right behind our house and I'm pretty sure people can see through the huge glass sliding door into our living room. Where we spend most our day because the tv's in there. And the kitchen is right here too. Oh and most importantly, the computer.

I often wonder after I've done something really weird, if someone saw me and what they'd be thinking.

Like when a new cartoon comes on and I do a little weird jiggity jig towards my kids to the music. Really big hopping and crazy spins and moves. Are they thinking "Whats that lady with the crazy hair and still in her pajamas hopping around for?! Did she step on one of the million toys on the floor? Whats going on?!"

Or when a new cartoon comes on and the music for it starts playing and I sing really loud and crane my neck back to sing it like a pop star. Are they like "Why does that lady have a spoon in her hand and is using it like a microphone? Is she howling at the moon?"

Or like when my son is running around completely naked, are they like "We should call social services, there's obviously a problem with this lady."

There's a lot more situations I think of during the day but you get the point. If you saw your neighbor dancing around like a crazy person through their living room window, what would YOU think? We'll leave out me spanking my kids, dragging my son to the bathroom, how many hours I sit on the computer, nose picking and so on and so forth...


  1. I too, would totally judge you.

    They probably have huge raging crushes on you. Keep dancing and singing girl!

  2. That it was the kind of neighbor I could be friends with because I do that too!

  3. Hmmm, you sure dig those new cartoon's don't ya;) Is that when you most get the urge to do a little jig and sing a little song? I would have to see the Wizard in Bustopolis to find out if it's okay:? hahaha

  4. That's not too bad..... It's when you start hopping, twirling, spoon-singing AND picking your nose all at the same time that you may want to consider closing your blinds. LOL!

  5. ha ha.....lucky for ME, I have no one around and can run around like a crazy lady (cuz I am) and even nekked as a jay bird and no one would care

    or report me

  6. I think that your moves and singing are calling for a dance off/sing off. I have to warn you, I am still undefeated after 7 years.

  7. I would think "Woah, that chick is just like me. Is that sliding glass door actually a mirror?"

  8. I am sure you are VERY entertaining - ha ha!
    We used to have some friends that lived behind us and about two houses down and at night they would leave all their blinds open and if my kitchen blinds were open while I was doing the dishes I could look out the window and over two yards and totally see everything they were doing in their house.
    Yes - I confess I am a peeping Tom-ette? Ha Ha

  9. I would think it was another great reality tv show that I don't have to use TiVo to watch. And then I'd make some popcorn and get comfy...


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