Friday, October 22, 2010

Dream Swap

Do you all remember a few months ago me talking about my "DREAM TEAM" and doing package swaps? Well, if you don't I guess you'll have to dig through my archives because I have a raging sinus headache and this is just going to be as good as it gets. So anyways, we decided after such a busy summer and not doing package swaps that we wanted to do a sort of "mini" swap. Where the budget was smaller ($5) and it had to fit in one of those like 8x10 envelopes. Michelle had my name, and her package couldn't of come on a better day! I was having a bad day and there's nothing like cheering up like a nice gift from a great friend! Here's what I got!:

Isn't she awesome?! YES, yes she is.

This is what I pulled out of my envelope:

A sweet note, and two pairs of halloween socks! (I have worn them both already, much to my kids jealousy!)

Cute halloweeny dish towels, they are up along with my other halloween decorations!

And not pictured was a cute sticky notepad tucked sneakily in those towels.

I love these ladies! They are so amazing and make me so happy, they surely know how to make a gal feel good! Thanks to my Dream Team for being so fantastic!

(Are you satisfied Sheryl? I looooooove you!!)


  1. I need to enter one of these swaps.

  2. It is fun to get Happy Mail :-D

  3. YES! I'm satisfied! :) Get feeling better woman, I got rid of my sinus infection by taking garlic and getting some reflexology done...I didn't even have to resort to antibiotics! Go to Walmart and buy a NettiPot, it's the weirdest sensation but WORKS.

  4. What the crap. I just came over here from Cheri's blog and SHE TOO just received a gift in the mail......
    But, all jealousy aside (tee,hee) very fun to get things in the mail, it brightens our lives.

  5. We need a man version of this. And in this man version, I don't have to send anyone anything. I just collect.


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