Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Up and Down

Dudes, I want to crawl up in bed with a good book, fall asleep and not get up for a LONG time. I am SO TIRED. I already have sleep problems but I've been getting even less rest than usual. I think. What if this is normal?! What if I NEVER get any sleep for the rest of my life?! Kill me now.

Honestly, I think I'm going to clean my house, take a shower, put a movie on for my older kids and then go take a nap with the baby. Can I do it?! I hate napping but I'm so exhausted I don't think I can take much more.

Also, I have to get this off my chest. I'm sick of people. And drama. And crap. Why do I let things bother me so much?! Why do I take everything to heart?! Gosh darn it, I just want to be happy! Every day I resolve to let things go and not let things bother me and EVERY day I do that, something comes up to throw me! And I'm over it, I'm not doing it any more, I'm just going to let people do their own crap and I'm going to be happy! And tired. And just a teeny bit whiney.

Here's what happened the other night--I was at my parents' for a family birthday party, with my aunt and uncle and cousins' and their spouses and all that. One of my cousin's got married last year to a girl I sometimes don't know how to read very well. She's pregnant right now and said she wanted to have a natural birth so I lent her my hypnobirthing book. I went to talk to her about it that night, but before I could say anything, she tapped her glass next to her and told me to get her some water. Now the thing is, if ANYONE said "Hey Melinda, could you grab me a glass of water?" I would be HAPPY to do it and would think nothing of it, but the way she did it was like I should serve her because she's pregnant (and not even HUGE pregnant, I would even understand that a little more) and the attitude behind it was SO RUDE. I was pretty mad. Of course, I got her some water and of course I didn't say a dang thing because I'm stupid, but then we had to go home after that because I was...upset. (Also this isn't the first time she's had me "serve" her so it builds up. One time they showed up late to a get together and all the ice cream was put away and she told me to get it out and scoop her some. Rude.) More than anything though, I'm upset with myself for being upset! I know, I'm insane. Today, its more funny to me than it is upsetting, but I'm sad at myself for letting it bother me (and also for not saying something at the time). Bah. I'm working on it.

On a happy note, I made something I'm excited about this weekend. You know those "keep calm and carry on" signs? No? Here's an example:

Pretty cute normally right? Well, I made one for ME, that matches ME. :) Here it is:

Its huge and fun and I love it! I got the frame from the Goodwill for $10 and I painted it turquoise, then took the picture out, flipped it over and painted it. Now I need to hang it, exciting!

What did you do this weekend? And how do you get over people's stupid crap that isn't just stupid but affects you? I NEED TO KNOW!


  1. I get mad enough when my KIDS want me to serve them, I can't imagine if someone else expected it. I like to help people out unless it's forced.

    And the picture...so freaking cute woman! I love that you just make projects when you feel the vibe...I have so many DIY blogged tagged for projects I like and I never do ANY of them. Boo.

  2. Things have been crazy and stressful at work, which means my tolerance for this kind of thing is super, super low. I would have been irritated too.

  3. First of all I love your Keep Calm sign! I am a big fan of those. I have the Keep Calm and Carry on on my blog on the side, I found Halloween one that I love but this one is so cute too!! Good job!
    I went to a cabin this past weekend with blog friends - it was the bomb.com!
    Last I would totally ignore the woman if she talks to you like that ever again. If she would have said that to me I would have gotten up and went to the bathroom or something and just totally acted like I didn't hear her. SO rude!

  4. Ok, first, great job on the picture! I think that probably went a long way to fixing your problem.

    I get in those moods about hating people. I had one a few weeks ago. Everything about everybody bothered me, and I was so hyperaware of all the annoying, stupid, mean, and RUDE stuff people were doing. I think you are tired and need to get some sleep. I say that not out of judgment, but because you remind me of myself when I am just tired and FED UP to HERE with everyone around me! Usually, I just need time to hibernate at that point, and I take a day or a whole weekend if possible, close the windows, turn off the phone and computer, and hole up in my condo and do what I please. That's so much easier to do without kids, although I do still have to go out for multiple walks with the dog on those days. I think putting a movie on for the bigs and taking a nap with the littles is a genius way to solve the problem. No matter what, the irritation will pass and get more mild with time. Even if that woman continues to be rude and insensitive. You'll just be better able to tolerate it, or you'll be better able to come up with how you should respond when she says something like that. Maybe you should role play with hubby for the next time it happens so you're prepared with a witty comeback that is light but gets your point across about how you do not like it when she does that.

    Ok, I feel like we've been on the phone together and I've gone on and on about how you can handle things but I haven't let you talk, so I'm gonna shut up now.

    I wish you sweet pleasant dreams and hours and hours of good deep sleep!!

  5. That chick has got ISSUES. Who does that??? I think you should have pretended like you didn't notice that she'd done that, flopped down in the seat next to her all exhausted like and said "I'm so tired from serving my four kids all day long! It's so nice to come here and have some distractions from my usual slave labor."

    I really refraining from using bad language here. I'm seriously pissed about this. GGGGRRRRR.

    Have you ever had a sleep study done? Do you have a sleep apnea? Because if you do, that would be one reason why you can't get good restful sleep. My husband has what was diagnosed as a "slight apnea" and now he sleeps with a CPAP machine (they're those things that deliver extra oxygen at night in case you don't know). Even though his apnea isn't severe, it makes a HUGE difference. He can wake up the morning most days with out wishing for death. Yay! I'm so sorry you're tired. It a terrible feeling when you can't wake up and function.

  6. I'm pretty sure I know who you're talking about...yeah...good luck with that...

  7. I totally get that. This woman from the other ward came in and stole the whiteboard from the primary room, announcing that it didn't belong there, that it is supposed to be in the gym for Sunday School and the she really needed it for her class--IN AN HOUR. Why we couldn't use it the whole time that we were in primary and she was in SACRAMENT is beyond me. Everyone else in the presidency kind of shrugged their shoulders and got over it, but I was seething. So, I get it.


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