Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sage Advice

Just a tip for you husbands out there:

If you are in the car with your wife, and somehow get into an argument where your wife asks you a question; the longer you wait to answer it, the more mad she will get. Or if she makes a really good point and you just sit there for 20 minutes without a word, she will be sitting there working out more and more points to her advantage. So be smart men. Answer right away, say you're sorry right away, think of something RIGHT AWAY, because the more time your wife has to sit and think about things, the madder she will be.

And you're welcome.



  1. So true!!! Now where is that husband of mine so he can read this.... hmmm.

  2. If I'm not currently in an argument with my husband, do you think telling him this will put us in an argument?? lol

  3. You said it sister!!! Someday they will catch on!

  4. Snicker! Poor guys are trying to think of the 'right' answer.

  5. My poor hubby has never won an argument... maybe in his life. I'm just so good at it. Or maybe it's just that I'm usually right.


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