Friday, January 7, 2011

Why I Hate Growing My Hair Out But Do it Anyway

For two years I had super short hair. Like boy short. And I LOVED it. It was funky, it was EASY and it made me feel put together every day. No pony tails means your hair gets fixed everyday (and it only takes five minutes!). You save tons of money on shampoo and your shower time is cut waaaay down.

The bad parts of short hair:

*You don't realize how cold your neck gets--really!

*You have to keep cutting it CONSTANTLY.

*Sometimes you walk by a mirror and think you're a man.

*You wonder if you look like a lesbian.

*The grow out stage is HORRIBLE.

(Me with short hair last Christmas, I was pregnant hence the double chin)

So why do I not have super short hair anymore? I'm not really sure actually. The main reason honestly? I don't want to have the same haircut for years upon years upon years. My mom has had three haircuts her whole life. I can't do that. So its time for change.

Now that my hair is semi chin length I'm starting to get to the part where its fun to actually "style" my hair again. Things I couldn't do with super short hair. Like curling it. Or pulling it up. Or whatever. Bad parts of longer hair:

*It gets in my face all the time!! Its so annoying. Especially when I'm in bed and trying to sleep and my hair is like all up my nose, that didn't happen with short hair.

*My hair is everywhere again. When I wash my hair I swear I'm pulling it out by the fist fulls.

*It takes FOREVER to fix now. Blow drying used to take 2 minutes, now I'm in there for 10 before I even get to straighten it.

*Ugly grow out stage is well...ugly.

*My baby has hair to pull now.

(Me with my medium hair this Christmas. I was confused, hence the weird expression)

I really just wanted a change but man, growing your hair out SUCKS big time. So why do I do it? I think mostly because I'm stubborn.

Tune in later this week for how I want to cut my hair for the "in between" stage right now. I know you can't wait!! (I just love keeping you on the edge of your seat!) Please share your thoughts on hair growing out-ness, I would love to hear you hair growing stories!


  1. Well, you just look adorable with any length hair!

  2. "You wonder if you look like a lesbian" HAHAHAHA!

  3. The day my husband got back from his mission (he wasn't my husband then, of course....and I really didn't know him much) I buzzed my hair to 1" all over...well, it was a bit longer in front for "bangs". Sometimes I wondered if people thought I was a lesbian, too. lol. I had a love/hate relationship with my hair then. I get bored really quickly with hairstyles. So, when it's long, I can easily change it to short hair. But when it's short, it takes forever to grow it out. And I hate that.

    When I got married, my hair was in a semi mullet, because that was the stage of growing out that it was in. Lame. And now my husband wants to grow it out again (after only 2 1/2 months of being short). I'm definitely -not- looking forward to that!

  4. You already know I'm in the same boat with you right now... mine is about the same length as yours is, but I have layers all over so I HAVE to pull it up with clips on the sides so I don't look like a curly frizzball. And I'm not very good at straightening it... it takes too much time and I'm not patient enough.

    Anyway - when I first cut my hair short almost 3 years ago I went to visit my sister right after. I asked her if she liked it... Her response? "You look like a dike." That's it. Gotta love sisters. They tell it to you straight EVERY time! ha ha.

    I love your cut the way you have it now, by the way. I wish mine was all one layer like yours. It would make it so much easier to get it through this stage I think! Post pics after you get it cut though!

  5. I've never had my hair shorter than my chin, and I'm glad because growing it out takes so long and is so miserable that I'd probably just have short hair forever.

    However. I KNOW I like myself better with long hair so I keep it that way. Sometimes bangs, sometimes funky highlights, but I keep it simple.

    I think you should do a funky A-line in a fun new color. It would be fabulous, and easy to grow out because it's not all layered and weird.

    Can't wait to see what you do, you're gorgeous regardless!!!

  6. I have never had short hair. But I'd love it I think. Just to wash it, jump out of the shower, spike it a little and whammo ...ready for the day.
    I look like a FREAK in short hair. my age I don't want the short "old woman" style hair ladies wear. I gotta keep sassy and current...right????
    So now I am leaning towards even longer hair. Cause out in the country I need a ponytail. or something easy. Then I can be all sexy and pull it out, toss my head and say "so what's up baby"......
    and there you have it.

  7. First off, I love this post. Second, my best friend just whacked her hair and we were talking about the emotions involved. It's cute and sassy, but she misses feeling like a girl. Plus I keep accidentally calling her Jim.

  8. I love short hair. I have never had quite the courage to go boy short (even though I have been sorely tempted many a time) but I do have short hair right now too. And yes. The growing out thing sucks. I'm totally with you on that one. If it makes you feel any better, though, you look really cute with your current hair!

  9. Every time I mention cutting my hair short, my husband says, "Oh, that's nice. Then you'll look like your sister." And that's why I'll always have long hair.

  10. I just stumbled across your blog and am happily making my way through the posts. What fun!

    As for the hair... I would lurvvv to have my hair short. But every time I go to do it, the hair stylists always talk me down (and secretly I let them because I'm afraid I'd be a pinhead)and then I end up having the same stupid haircut. Frame it around the face, lighten up the layers in the back. I live in fear that I'm going to be one of the ladies that have had the same hairstyle since highschool. Wait. I do. Zammit.

  11. I am sadly one of those people who get 3 hair cuts a lifetime. Ok, i aim for 1 a year. I have no idea what to do with my hair and im to cheap to go to one of those nice fancy places that do 'wonders' lol! I think you look really good in the medium hair!

  12. I have very short hair. Despite the fact that I wear makeup but wear feminine sporty clothes. People have said I look butch and if they don't see my face they will say "sir may I take your order".

    I have very thick, heavy hair and I love it short. I love the ease of styling it BUT I don't like having my femininity questioned. So growing out I shall go.

    Any tips on how you coped with growing it out?

  13. I tried really hard to do different styles even in the short hair, if it looked good to pull the sides back, the sides back it would go. If I could do a little braid across the front to make it not so weird, I would do a braid across the front. If I could do a little pouf on top, I would do that! haha Anything to change it up so it would look so stupid a poofy! ;) I also tried really hard not to get it cut, its really tempting to get a trim here and a trim there, which sometimes is good, depending on your hair type, but for me, I just tried to blaze through and not make it take any longer than possible. Hope that helps! :D


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