Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Things I Notice in the Bathroom

*Why does my shower curtain say "dry clean only"? I mean come on, its a SHOWER CURTAIN, wouldn't they think its going to get wet? Dummies.

*My body wash has little "moisture bead" things, and I can not use it without popping the beads first, its like miniature bubble wrap or something.

*It needs to be cleaned.

*How does my husband get toothpaste so high up on the mirror, is he spitting up toward the ceiling to see if he can still make it in the sink?

*I would never want to write a note to my husband in lipstick on the mirror because: A--it would ruin my lipstick and B--I would have to clean it off and you know that has to suck.

*I think I'm experiencing hearing loss because my blow dryer is so loud.

*It is an evil place because my scale lives there.

Thats all I've got for today. Do you have as deep of thoughts as I do, in YOUR bathroom?


  1. I am with you on the lipstick. Although, I do have some deep red slutty lipstick I could use.

  2. In my bathroom I noticed that my husband changed the tp roll and threw the old one on the floor and that I need a new bathmat!

    Ha Ha You are so funny this whole post made me giggle!

  3. I always wonder how to clean that yucky mildew that grows in the tile grout and under the caulking. I can never seem to get rid of it. Also...my husband sheds a lot. ('Cause, all the hair on the bathroom floor has to be his, right? lol)

  4. All I notice in mine is that everything needs to be ripped out and done over! I've often wished for a "Tim the Toolman Taylor" bathroom where I can just turn on the clean cycle and have it all be done while I eat Bon Bons and watch a sappy movie! ha ha.... can you tell mine needs to be cleaned too?

  5. I wonder why the maid doesn't do a better job cleaning the bathroom, then I remember that we don't have a maid.

    p.s. I had to click five times to get this comment to publish, so I hope you enjoy it.

  6. Not wasting my lipstick! I would rather write it with a sharpie and leave forever.

  7. My first time reading your blog . . . hilarious. It made me laugh, though I'm a bit sick so it was painful, but totally worth it. Saw your comment on Regarding Annie. Things I think about in my bathroom . . . I always look 10 times worse in the mirror after cleaning it because now I can actually see a reflection. And it's never good because who cleans the bathroom looking their best?

  8. I wonder why my husband who has no hair, a literally shaved head, needs shampoo.


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