Friday, May 6, 2011

I think its Called Writers Block, You know, if You're a Professional

I'm trying to come up with a blog post. I'm watching 'America's Next Top Model' instead.

Believe me. I love blogging, it was like blog at first sight. But something is just missing lately.

I have no desire to blog.

I'll check blogs a little, I'll try and comment and sometimes thats even hard to do. Then I think about blogging and I'm just like...blaaahhhhg.

So sorry everyone, this is my very sad attempt at getting back into it. Maybe I'll have something better next week? :>


  1. I've missed your posts! I look forward to yours more than anyone elses. :)

    I know how you feel though. My blog posts have been blah. I post because I feel like I need too and it shows. I think I'm hitting blogger burnout... is it contagious? ha ha

  2. Never fear, I am here!

    Future blog post ideas:

    1. Pigeons, the misunderstood birds.

    2. American Idol "Group Number" night. Bad lounge singers or a new form of Chinese torture?

    3. 57 things to do with Gouda cheese

    4. Pros and Cons for suntanning naked

    And when you're done, gimme a call for more.

  3. (By the way, act FAST on those posts. The last thing we want is for Cheeseboy to steal the ideas and use them selfishly for his own gain before you post them yourself.) :)

  4. Ooh, I have an ANTM episode waiting for me!

  5. I so get it. It takes a while to get out of that funk. And even now, not so great.

  6. It happens to everyone sometimes :D

  7. I blame facebook. So easy. Effortless posts. Comment or not. Like it or not. Sometimes I read someone's blog post and go to click like and then I realize that I actually have to use words and punctuation and stuff and it just seems like WORK. Evil facebook.

  8. Hey, I am cool with it just as long as you continue to leave snarky comments on my blog.

  9. I TOTALLY GET IT. You just voiced my feelings exactly as of late.
    I just hardly even feel like pulling out the computer.
    My mind is running on empty...I want to be outside, in my greenhouse, on my horse.
    My computer/blogging is my life blood in the winter, but every now and then we need a bit of a break.
    JUST REMEMBER....I'll be waiting for you and always checking on you cause you're a doll.

  10. From a girl who has a funny deadline every single week, I can tell you that I make it on a wing and a prayer most Fridays. Honestly, I pray almost daily that something will motivate me. With four kids, it's so hard to keep up. And I love your stuff.


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