Monday, May 23, 2011

Sip of the Crazy Life

My three year old just had a melt down over juice.

He said "Mommy, can I have apple juice in a cup pwease?"

So I got him some apple juice in a cup.

Simple enough right?


He wanted apple juice in a SIPPY cup. So he sat there and stomped and cried and I said sorry, but I already got you juice, drink it or don't.

Then he laid on the floor and very pathetically moaned, "I want my daddy." over and over. He even turned to his sister to make sure he made his point, "Maddie...I want my daaaaddy! waaah!"

It was ridiculous.


Of course now he's playing toys and laughing his head off, but who knows where we'll be in another five minutes. I live with a flipping' crazy person.


  1. Well, juice is pretty delicious.

  2. I am on his side. I want my daaaaady too.

  3. Yeah, I've raised 4 of those.

    I bet if you had got him the zippy cup, it would have been the wrong color.

  4. But then again, I sometimes wish I could have a complete meltdown and get away with it like a three year old can.

  5. Oh man....sounds like my three year old. Raising that kid is ridiculous!

  6. I am so there with you. I have a three year old who did the exact same thing last week on me. Driving me CRAZY!!!!!!! Three year old are so not my favorite. Of course I have yet to reach the teen years.


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