Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Peach Fuzz

All the boys in my house got haircuts last night. Yes, all three boys did, which means my one year old got his first haircut last night.

I cried.

I have never cried cutting my kids hair before. But do you know why I cried?

Not because he had beautiful sweet baby curls and now they were gone. Not because he looks ugly. Not because I miss his longer hair (it wasn't really long in the first place).

I cried because I didn't put a guard on at all. So after that first swipe, I saw that I had pretty much shaved him bald. Completely BALD.

I couldn't take it back after the first go, so then I cried for a minute and kept on shaving. He sort of looks like a little cancer patient. You can see all the veins on his head, the little dent where his soft spot is, everything. Basically he looks like a giant peach.

Its growing on me now, because heck its just hair and it will grow back. But that "what have I done?!?!" feeling last night, was not nice.

I should probably care more about my three year old's hair since he can NOT hold still and he has long pieces all over his head, but no, who cares about that?

Hey, Handy Manny right now is talking about haircuts! Weird. Do you ever think your electronics are spying on you? No...yeah, me neither...


  1. Oh, no! I think we need to see pictures to judge your work.

  2. I happily plunk down $20 for every haircut my children get now because my husband's one and only attempt on our toddler cured me of trying to go cheap.

  3. I'm sorry... but I cannot stop laughing. That is the funniest thing I've heard all day. Just tell people that he is one of those babies who just doesn't grow hair very well and you are thinking about taking him to the dr to find out why. ha ha....

    My sister with the blondest hair was as bald as a peach until she turned TWO! It was sad because she is a girl.

  4. We purposefully shaved Bug's head when he was about 18 months old, because we dressed him up as Aang (Avatar, from the Last Airbender) for Halloween. It was really, really, really stinkin' cute....for his costume. But then after Halloween was over, he really did look like a little cancer patient, and I felt a little bit bad...especially because it was cold outside. But, it is just hair, and boy does it ever grow back (much to my annoyance, because I hate having to cut it all the time).

  5. I did this EXACT same thing when Jayden was one! Except I DID put a guard on, just the wrong one. I put on the "left ear" guard and was uneven and horrible and I cried for two days.

  6. My brother did that when he was in high school! It's one of my favorite memories, we laughed SO HARD. He screamed "NNnnOOOOooOOOo!" from the bathroom at appx: 11:30 PM when only he and I were up. I went running into the bathroom and there it was, a bald as bald can be strip down the center of his long haired head. It was awesome.

  7. I'm sure he loved it because he was getting all the attention of a cancer patient. 3 days and it will be fine.

  8. I am so sorry but I am laughing my head off. This is just so you.


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