Friday, May 13, 2011

Weird or Just Plain Funny?

I had a meeting last night and when I got home--waaay past bedtime mind you--my husband had given our one year old some fruit snack. Yes, fruit snacks. The baby was such a ridiculous sticky mess, he honest to goodness couldn't get his fingers unstuck from each other. I wiped him up as good as I could and kept looking at his face, something was off a little. His bottom lip looked swollen! I asked my husband if he had gotten bonked in the mouth or something? No, he hadn't. So what was wrong? On closer inspection, his face was so sticky that his bottom lip was stuck to the skin underneath it. Kind of like Bubba Gump. For real. His lip was stuck to his chin. It threw me for a loop for the rest of the night, it was just so weird/gross/icky/odd.

I think its hilarious today.

I've been trying to stop nursing for like a month now. Its going...okay. I have definitely cut back, and he is taking a bottle better; but he REALLY wants to nurse still. Anyway, last night was a hard night for the boy and I think I ended up nursing him on one side three times. And NO times on the other side. One of my boobs is seriously huge and rock hard. The other is tiny and deflated. It is the weirdest thing I've seen since...well last night with the lip thing.

Its sort of hilarious to me as well.

Hope you guys have a funny weekend and not as weird a one as mine is starting out as! :)


  1. I am obsessed with fruit snacks. Seriously.

  2. Bubba Gump... ha ha ha, that is hysterical. (love that show btw)
    funny and we can laugh at things, the next day, the next week..the next year
    someday, we laugh and that is glorious

  3. LOL! Weird things like that make my flesh crawl but I can find it funny since it happened to you and not to me.

  4. I bet he really enjoyed the fruit snacks.
    I hope you took pictures.


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