Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 You're Sublime! Or Something Like that...

So I've hijacked my sister's laptop in an attempt to give 2009 a final nod (we get internet on Monday; hallelujah!!) and I hope you guys really appreciate this because its taken me forever to do! :) So here you are, some of my top highlights of 2009 and a big hello to 2010!

Favorite Song:
#1: Halo by Beyonce

runners up: Tonights Gonna Be a Good Night/Black Eyed Peas and pretty much anything by Lady Gaga :)

Favorite Movie:

I haven't seen Avatar yet or I'm sure I'd say that one, so I guess I'll go with either Harry Potter or The Princess and the Frog. I didn't get out to a lot of movies this year, darn.

Favorite TV Show:
America's Next Top Model: PETITE season
(I SWEAR I missed my chance in life, next season won't be for short girls AND I'll be too old--so soooo sad!) ;)

Favorite Book:

Fablehaven series, I know these books aren't brand new, but there's a new one coming up soon! But I ate this series up and just adored it, his writing gets better and better each book!

Favorite Vacation:

Well, since pretty much the only vacation we took was up to Washington, I'll choose that one. :)

Favorite Outfit:

Orange cardigan, I wore this sweater a LOT. Writing this right now sucks because I'm fat and pregnant and I don't like anything I have, so coming up with a favorite outfit was rough!

Favorite Person:

I think normally this section would be like your favorite movie star of 2009, but I don't know any famous people. And since we've moved and I miss a lot of friends, I have to give a little shout out to my friend Shanna who I really just got to know this past year and I adore her. (I have lots of amazing friends that I miss terribly, just focusing on someone from this year ya know?) So anyway, I want Shanna to know that I truly admire her as a person, she's taught me a lot, been a great friend and listened to me go on about whatever for hours, she's so awesome!

Most Drastic Change:

Moving to Washington, and joining the Army Guard. And getting pregnant.


*kids birthdays & fun holidays

*trip to Vegas

*painting Isabel's room


*playing with cousins

*a very fun summer

*Niki's wedding

*finding out we're expecting again (could possibly go under the next category depending on how you look at things) :)

*new nephew Liam!

*youth activities


*Sam really sick :(

*Grandpa Larry's passing

*Sam swallowing the needle = awful

*packing up everything in 2 weeks

*missing friends & family from Utah like my heart would be ripped out

I'm sure I can think of lots more highlights and even some lowlights, but I'm tired now and I ate WAAAAAY too much for dinner and I feel stretched. Hope you enjoyed this little look back on this last year, hopefully we'll take what we learned and make next year even better!


  1. I think you should pick a favorite kid.

  2. What a freakin year you've had!

  3. LOL at Kristina's comment! hehehehe...

    We will most likely be moving out of the state also...

    What a great rundown of 2009 though... I should probably do that on my blog, but I'm to lazy! :)

  4. That was a very neat way to do this post for sure. and I KNOW that sort of thing takes for-ever. so, just so ya know, I enjoyed it alot.
    hope that 2010 settles down for you and that it holds lots of exciting things in store for ya.
    You look great in orange my dear.


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