Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy happy Joy joy

Thank you so much everyone for your very sweet and caring comments--truly it warmed the cockles of my heart! Now since my last post was all about what makes me sad, its only fitting that this post should be about what makes me happy!

The lovely Rachel over at Trapped Between a Scream and a Hug (I would link, but I'm on the world's most annoying computer and it keeps freezing and erasing my post every time I try to, so...sorry.) gave me a Happy award and I just love her for it!

So here ya go, my list of what makes me happy:

1. Chocolate. Specifically right now the combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Yum....

2. TV. Specifically HGTV, TLC and Bravo. Love the shows they play, love "Divine Design" and "The Little Couple" and all the Housewives escape from reality.

3. My own place. Even though the neighborhood we're in isn't the best and I'm terrified to be alone here, I actually really like our townhome (our neighbors are getting better at the loudness thing too, so that helps). I can't imagine how much more crazy I would be if I didn't have my own place to take care of and do my own thing in!

4. Crafts. Not that I'm doing much crafting lately, but just the idea of doing some makes me happy. I have a list going so when I actually have the time/money I can do some fun projects.

5. Shopping. I haven't been shopping in a long time, part of that being I'm fat and pregnant and don't really want to buy anything (the other part being I have no money, duh), but generally shopping makes me happy. Especially if its a steal! Like the other day we found winter boots for my daughter for $3.50! Whoo!

6. Dreams. Sometimes my dreams are terrifying, but thats because I'm pregnant and have weird pregnancy dreams. But its the dreams of what the future holds and what can happen someday can be pretty fun!

7. My family. I love my extended family, its hard to stay feeling really bad when you're around people who are funny and love you so much. I love spending time with my family and I'm really grateful for them.

8. My kids. Although there are times where I want to rip my hair out (or theirs...), my kids are good kids and they make me so happy. They say the funniest things, they do the funniest things, basically they're crack ups.

9. My husband. Also one that can drive me nutso at times, but makes me so happy most all of the time. Just the fact that he's so willing to try and listen to all my ridiculous complaints and whines, I am totally lucky.

10. The gospel. What else can I say? I would be miserable, I would have no way of dealing with the things I go through if I didn't have the gospel to guide me. SO LUCKY!

Alrighty, I won't pass this on to anyone because like I said before I can't link up, but if you want to participate please feel free! Thanks guys!


  1. I love HGTV. I could watch House Hunters all day long!

  2. I miss cable. Especially TLC.

    I know what you mean about having your own place. That makes life worlds easier.

  3. I am with Kristina. House Hunters is da bomb!

  4. I AM SO GLAD you are a little "out of the blues". I guess it is a good thing when we really feel down and out----make a list of the good things, the things that bring us joy.
    Sometimes when I am down though, I just like to grovel in it --why is that.
    Thank goodness for "time" the healer of most things eh.
    love ya

  5. The sun is starting to shine through on Melinda! WHAHOOO!

    ex oh ex oh


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