Thursday, January 14, 2010

Whats in a Name?

I cannot blog! Mostly because after two seconds of sitting in this chair, I am so extremely, ridiculously uncomfortable I want to throw up and scream at the same time! I'm a short girl (5' 2", thank you) and I just don't have enough room in there I guess. This baby thinks he's allowed to fiddle on my ribs as often as possible, and its actually pretty painful! Oh yes, I said "HE", we just found out last thursday that we're having another little boy! (Heaven help me!) Not that I don't love my son, I love him waaaaaay more than my girls, but he smells bad. And he breaks stuff. And he pinches and bites all the time. I'm a little afraid about how this next baby will even survive. We'll keep our fingers crossed for when the time comes.

Right now our biggest challenge (you know, besides paying our bills and not going into a deep depression) is picking out another boy name. I find boy's names so much harder to pick than girl's!
Here are my issues with picking a boy name*:

1. It can't be common. I don't want a John, or a Mike, or a Shawn or something everybody has heard of for forever.

2. It can't be weird. Although I don't want a common name, I also don't want a weird name that sounds weird-like.

3. I like names with meanings. So that means I want a family name or a church history name or a name of someone that meant something to me, not a name that I just saw in a book and said 'yup sounds good.'

4. I want a name that will grow with him. I think certain names are adorable...for a little boy. But that little boy has to grow up and be a man, and what if he wants to be a doctor or a lawyer or someone super important and I named him Skippy?

5. My husband doesn't like anything I like. He's dumb.

So there ya go. Do you think I could make this any more hard on myself or dramatic? I probably could, don't put it past me. The other problem is that my husband is leaving in a week and a couple days and we would love to have it picked before then. How bout that, did I make it even better?

Now that you know the circumstances, could you help me out? I would love some name ideas or some suggestions on how you picked your kids names, pretty pretty please?!

*Please don't feel bad if you named your boy John or Mike or Shawn, I don't care, I think they're great names, I just have issues. Like, there's something wrong with me. I don't judge other people how they name their kids, they can do whatever. This is just how my mind thinks. :)


  1. YOu know, 2010 is the year for naming your baby after a serial killer. I think Ted or Jeffrey are perfect!

  2. I don't think I'm the one to help. Apparently God thinks I pick out crappy names for boys. I was planning on naming our little guy one thing. Like, I was dead set on it. Then, two weeks before he was born, we got a VERY strong impression to name him something different. But, we are planning a theme, we are going to give our kids Hebrew names. Not necessarily Bible names, just Hebrew. Good luck! I think boys are harder to name than girls!

  3. I like scriptural names Mallory, my oldest is named Bethany, my middle Madelyn (like Magdeline) and my son is Samuel, all after scriptural people. I'm just running out of scripture names I really love. :)

  4. Oh, oh, oh. I so could have written this post. So could have.

    Here are the names my husband refused to let me use. Ezra. Asher. Samuel. (so that doesn't help you. I just thought you should know. ;)) Luke.

    I can't think of any more. Hope that helps!

  5. My daughter likes Carter or Jackson for boys names. My niece just had a son and named him Cash...different, but cute. I was never able to think of good boys names, either. But then I just had 1 girl so the pressure was off of me. Good Luck!

  6. So, I've got 4 boys. Yes, 4. Good thing I didn't have 5, because I ran out of boy names after the last one. These are my boy names...
    Richard Grant (first name after his dad)
    Michael Ross (second name after his dad)
    Alexander Joseph (both family names)
    Matthew Colby

    My first son we call Grant. It's a great name. It works really well for a little guy, but boy will it work nice as the name for a lawyer, or a doctor, or an architect - which is what he is currently studying to be. And I LOVE the name Alex - always have. The only problem I'm running into right now, is that Grant is dating an Alyx - so there could possibly be TWO Alex/Alyx Herrons - one boy and one girl. *Sigh* Never thought that would happen. How about Alexander Grant? Cute, huh?

    Good luck.

  7. By-the-way, I named Grant after Cary Grant - my FAVORITE hot actor. Really. If I had a girl, her name would have been Grace (Grace Kelly). :-)

  8. I love the name Luke!!!

    What about Rylan, or Deacon?

    What is your madden name?? Some friends of mine were able to use their madden names for their boys.

    Good luck!

  9. I think Luke is great. Noah sounds good too. Ben, Daniel, Brigham (not bibical but mormon historical)

  10. My nephew is Gabriel. 'Gabe' is a very masculine sounding nickname. The name has meaning and it's even biblical. Everyone has heard it but it's lesser-used than many others. Just don't go with Luke/Lucas as that name has apparently gotten uber popular this year.

    Girl names are easier. I ALSO have a Bethany and I was surprised to see another commenter does too- it's not very common. Fun!

  11. I liked your disclosure at the end (tee,hee) Way to cover your butt Melinda. I am big on family names. I think it helps to tie in roots (not the kunta kinte kind) but you know, family ties.
    My sisters ONLY son ended up with everyones name --at his blessing they wondered when the names would stop. Hy.Ster.I.Cal.
    His name is James Devon Robert Lee Taylor
    James (after my sisters first boyfriend, I kid you not)
    Devon after hubby, father
    Robert after hubbys dad
    Lee after my sister (an mine of course) dad
    then last name

    so have fun with that


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