Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nerd Love

I used to be a very avid TV goer. Man, when reality TV hit, I was ALL over that! In an obsessive sort of way, it's just how I roll.

I would watch decorating shows, cooking shows, soap opera shows; really it didn't matter, it was on: I would watch it.

When I went to work about a year and a half ago, my TV watching went waaaaay down. I didn't have time for it anymore, I had other things that had to be done and much less time to do it all. So I pretty much stopped watching TV. Then I started blogging anyway, and didn't have time for ANYTHING else.

But NOW, now everything has changed! We got a fancy contraption that makes TV viewing oh so enjoyable!

We. Got. DVR.

It's amazing. (If you don't know what DVR is, it's like Tivo, and if you don't know what Tivo is, its like sticking a video into your VCR and recording your favorite shows, but WITHOUT the video!! And you can do it on LIVE TV! It's like magic!)

So now I can record the shows I want to see, watch them whenever it's convenient, fast forward through all the dumb commercials, rewind if I miss anything, pause if I have to pee--pretty much amazing, yes?!

The downside? I've noticed I am a geek. I love--no really, I LOVE this show--Avatar. LOVE it.
No I can't emphasize enough how much I enjoy this show. And it's a CARTOON. And it's like sort of japanese anime, sort of-ish. And I'm so not into that--normally. But Avatar is the exception, and "I LIKE IT! I LIKE IT! And I don't care who knows!"

So there. I'm a dork. (You knew that already didn't you?)


  1. We've had one for a long time. It's my most prized possession. And we just got TWO DVRs, and have one in the bedroom too. It has changed my life.

  2. My husband is addicted to Ben 10. And it embarasses him a little when I come into the room when he is watching. It's kind of cute!

  3. DVRs have changed our life here at Chez Kazzy. My boys love Avatar! Have fun!

  4. My son, big fan of Avatar - so he'd think you have good taste, but he is only 9! Hey, who am I to judge, I watched an episode of Partridge Family today!

    I LOVE my DVR! We rarely watch live TV anymore. We wait 15-20 minutes into the show, then start watching it so we can fast forward through the commercials. Though I'm not sure if I watch more, or less because of it...

  5. I don't even get TV. We don't have an antenna...or a digital TV. But, we do have movies. We have some anime, too. I think it's cute!

  6. I used to watch this a lot. I've kinda forgotten most of the story line, charachter namers...etc... but Loved it when I did watch it.

  7. I must be a dork too because I LOVE Avatar! My son introduced the cartoon to me a few years ago, they're going to make a movie out of it!

  8. Not only are you a are "Super Dork". :)

  9. Crazy cause my hubby and I were just watching this show earlier today. We have it in our instant streaming netflix queue. He loves lots of anime, but I only like a handful. Dorks unite!

  10. I truly ♥ the DVR. Also, Avatar? Really? I'm not arguing with you about being a dork. Nope. I've got some dorkishness too so we're all good.

  11. Kristina--SO LUCKY!

    Rachel--That sounds so cute! I get a little embarassed too because my husband totally makes fun of me.

    Kazzy--I agree. LIFE CHANGING.

    Val--Yay, I fit in with 9 year olds! Totally, I think I watch WAY more tv than I did before we got it. But now its more convenient.

    Mallory--NO TV?! WHAT?! Actually I think thats awesome, we were considering for awhile doing away with cable and so forth, but then my husband couldn't deal with it. :D

    Shellie--You should come watch with me, it's such a great story! I'm sad the seried is over though. I keep hoping they'll do more. :(

    H.K.--I saw that they're making a movie out of it, I'm a little concerned about the characters, but I'm excited none the less!!

    Kristie--"Super DORK", you were right the first time. Man, thats a whole post in itself, yes?

    Debbie--AWESOME! I only like a handful too, Pokemon and stuff drives me CRAZY, I don't know why I like Avatar so much!

    heather--I embrace my dorkishness, thank you very much! haha

  12. The DVR is one of the great loves of my life.

  13. Avatar is cool--DVR is cooler. As long as you get the kind of service you need. If not, things can go downhill really fast. I don't know how I lived without DVR. I'll never go back!

  14. What the heck is AVATAr - I must be the dork as I have NO CLUE. but I don't have little kids at home, so does that count, for my not knowing. I love my DVR - can't imagine a tv world without it. only problem is, I have stuff stashed on my DVR and the days haven't added any extra hours to enable to to find more TIME to watch them all.
    you are one of my favoirte bloggy dorks

  15. Life would not be the same without a DVR. We'd have to watch everything in real time, including the commercials! Who does that anymore? So glad you have one now too. There is always something waiting for us on the DVR.

    And thanks for your kind comments about my nasty cow posts. You are sweet.

  16. I'm not one for Avatar BUT I fell in love my with DVR too! We just recently got Dish....OH MY STINKING GOODNESS!!! I don't know how I lived without it!!

    I will DVR a show just so I don't have to watch the commercials!!!

    And I'm a reality TV junkie too!!

    I have on my record list, right now, Amazing Race, Celebritity Apprendance, Beauty and the Geek, Nitro Circus, a few cooking ones, Ace of Cakes...OH so many more!! OHHH my new fave Deadilest Catch.....I live in Alaska so I know what they are talking about and where!


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