Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Gas Man

Dear Stupid Costco Gas Attendant~

When you stand RIGHT IN FRONT of an open lane, don't look at me like I'm stupid when I ask if it's open or not. You are paid to, I don't know, watch the lanes? Basically you're paid to stand there. A monkey could do your job. You are NOT paid to flirt with the pretty other gas attendant and treat me like an idiot.
Gassy Disgruntled Buyer

p.s. Next time I'll just run over your foot. And maybe a leg.


  1. *giggle* You really crack me up. I hate it when people, who are paid to cater to your services treat you like you are an inconvience. So rude.

  2. Maybe you can run over something else too.

    OK, that made no sense. I'm blaming it on Swine Flu.

  3. You know, you are deceptively sweet and small and non-dangerous looking. How cool is that?

  4. Hey, I think I have the same Costco gas attendant too, he's also a moron! We can tag team, I'll hold him down, while you run over his leg!

  5. Oh shoot. Don't get me started.

    Gas pump POLICE is what he is... "Excuse me ma'am. You can't use your cell phone at the pumps due to the massive explosion that it could cause." I ask you, have you heard of any MASSIVE gas pump explosion stories lately... between reports of swine flu?

    And why is he just standing there? Back when, attendants were HELPFUL... they actually pumped the gas instead of standing there watching this lady in a dress, heels, and pearls (ok not so much) pump her own gas!! BAH!

    Yep. I feel strongly about the Cosco (Sam's Club in our neck of the woods) attendant.

  6. LOL
    I wish there were places where someone else would pump my gas!

  7. We have been Costco people for over a year, but we have never gotten gas there. Now I know why.

  8. Southern Sage - consider moving to Oregon - you'd never have to pump your own gas again... Had a friend who grew up there and didn't know HOW to pump her own gas... made for a HILARIOUS story the first time she tried in college!

    "attendant" - doesn't the word imply helpful... but maybe it just means stand-in for the Monkey who had the day off?

    (I am currently mad at our costco gas people too... especially when the price is about to change and they encourage people to wait for the .02 reduction... when I'm 3 cars back and in a hurry!)

  9. what a lame o! i hope you at least gave him the birdie!

  10. LOL I sooo totally agree!

    And I'm still giggling cuz you said weiner over there! <----- LOL


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