Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sweet Sassafrass Sunday

So, I LOVED this post from Heidi on her decorating for dollars ideas! I've been wanting to scrap everything in my house and start from scratch, I'm so sick of what I've got. But since I don't have the time or MONEY or...MONEY, I just can't do that. Instead I'm relegated to using what I've got and making it into something I love. And guess what? I DID IT!
I've been wanting for forever to do something with my lamp shades. I kept looking for material and like Wal-Mart and...well, yeah, just Wal-Mart, and not finding anything I really liked. So I went to Deseret Book, where they have TONS of really cute (and expensive) fabric. Don't worry, I got mine for freeEEEEEeeee! It's a long story (actually its not, I just don't feel like elaborating).

So anyway, this is what my lamps looked like before I totally made them awesome:

Super plain huh? Nothing special atleast.

For reasons I don't wish to share (our house is old and nothing works), we have four lamps in our living room. The littlest one, turned into this:

Oh MY GAWSH! I absolutely adore it! And YES, I made it all by myself! Sewing and everything, you didn't know I was so crafty!

The second one I did turned out like this'm:

I ADORE damask. ADORE it.

I still have two more to do, and this is the material I'm going to use:

I also ADORE toile. ADORE!

And one more shot of the cutest little lamp ever!:

Those pom-poms...that pattern...could it get much cuter?!

Okay, I'm really tooting my own horn here, it's just I was in such a rut and that's perked me up so much! So, what home decorating projects do you want to get done?


  1. I haven't done anything to spice our place up at all. But, I adore damask, too!!! ADORE! :D

  2. Those look so great! What an easy, creative thing to do to spice up your house.

  3. Melinda, I'm so proud of you and so proud to have been the inspiration for this! You rock! I am stunned by your talent and creativity! The next time I do a decorating for dollars post, I'm linking to this . . .

  4. Great job!! I, too love Damask.

  5. wow - way to go. I would never attempt that cause I am the biggest NIMROD in the world when it comes to those kind of projects. They turned out so dang cute and I bet when you look at them now it puts a big smile on your face. Whoo hoo

  6. way cool! I would love to do that--some year :)

    crafting is my weak area, though. I would probably have to buy new lamps after my attempt!


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