Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sweet Sassafrass Sunday


Yesterday was one of the best Saturday's I have had in a long, LONG time! It was a day all about me, and hanging out with awesome women!

Yesterday Heidi Ashworth came right up the road from me to do a book signing, it was great fun to get to meet her, and I just have to say I didn't think she could be any more sweet as she is on her blog, but SHE IS! She is truly a wonderful person! AND she looked fantastic, with a matching outfit and purse to her book--awesome! (Thanks Heidi for signing mybook, I'm already reading it, and loving it!)

Yes thats a baby grabbing at my crotch, don't worry he's MY son so it's not as bad. :)

Let's see, from left to right: Julie, Wendy, Heather, Val, Me, Funky, Kristina, Heidi, Jana, Kazzy.
(Missing: Barbaloot! And Dede, except I can't find her blog, sorry!)

And the Snuggy comes out!! WHEEEE!

This is exactly the faces that should be made while wearing a Snuggy. Always. (I think this was right after Wendy mentioned something about gay love. Classic.)

And the best picture EVER:

Heidi and Me rockin' the snuggy! I took this picture from Val--thanks girl! (And yes, why don't you have more pictures of me?! What a shame! hahaha)

And I just have to say, if you're ever scared to go to a meet and greet, you should be terrified! Just kidding, you should be terrified NOT to go! The only way I can describe it, is seeing an old friend. And not someone you haven't been wanting to see, but someone who miss and its just like picking up where you left off. Actually it was pretty amazing! Thanks ladies for making it such a fun day!


  1. I totally get ya! I met up with a group a year + ago and it just felt like...ahhhh we know each other! SO exciting you got to meet up with lovely ladies!

  2. It was so fun! And I think my eyes are closed in that top picture, so I'm glad you can't blow it up.

    And you are just like I pictured you. Sassy!

  3. Kristina P. is right, you are sassy! Love it!

    And I love the snuggie photo of Julie and I - it was the gay love comment...but what happens at Los Hermanos, stays at Los Hermanos!

  4. Wow, you in a Snuggie!?! You're, like, famous now! (Not that you weren't before, 'cause you are pretty popular already, but -wow-!) Gosh, how I would love to meet some of the people I blog stalk. But I don't think there are that many people that I can meet with in the Cincinnati Ohio region! Drat!

  5. I love the snuggie pictures! That is such a symbol for Kristina! Lunch looked fun! It was a great day meeting everyone.

  6. Now I am super sad that I missed it!

  7. I loved reading the account on other blogs! I could tell from the pictures it was a fun filled day!

    (left you an award on my blog)

  8. YES YES YES --it was fun!!! We've GOT to get together again. That snuggie has certainly made a name for itself. You are just the teeniest cutest thing ever --and SURE that was your son pullin at your crotch --if that's what you told your husband, I'll back ya up.

  9. LUCKY! You even got to wear the Snuggy!

  10. You are adorable! It was so fun to meet you in person!

    --And I'm so bummed I missed all that snuggie action!

  11. How did I miss this? Thanks so much for all your kind words and for being there! And for bringing that little guy, too! I'm linking to this as we so-to-speak . . .


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