Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No One Will EVER Visit Me Again, Will They?

Why I don't like people coming to my house:

1. I would actually have to put the laundry that resides on my couch away.

2. I would have to yell a lot at my kids to pick up all their stupid toys. And I try not to yell so much, mostly because it hurts my ears.

3. I'm afraid they'll smell whatever it is that's leaving the funk around here, that I still can't locate.

4. I have to actually shut the door when I pee!

5. I can't leave my bras hanging on the doorknob to my bedroom.

6. That whole cleaning thing just keeps coming back to me. I'd actually have to do it.

7. I'd have to button my pants.

8. I can't pick my nose whenever I feel the need.

9. I'd have to open the blinds and let some light into this pit of despair.


How about you? Are you a visiting kind of friend or a homebody?


  1. My biggest one is not walking around in my garments, and closing the bathroom door. Fortunately, we have a small condo, so we don't get a lot of people staying with us.

  2. Such a homebody, and it drives my husband crazy! He wants to get out and do things and I would rather just stay home.

  3. LOL--I would have the exact 10 things on my list!!! I stay at home, but only because my little ones would make the houses we visit look like mine ;)

    when I am not at home, I am in town doing the 1,000 errands & shopping, or volunteering at school or church. Rarely am I at other people's homes.

    I cringe everytime we have visitors (especially unexpected ones!)

    you make me smile--I already love your messy home. A messy home is a lived-in home :)

  4. Having people over is a bittersweet thing. I LOVE the company, and LOVE entertaining, but it sucks when I have to run to my room to *ahem* "break wind".

  5. I'm a little of both. i have my "in the house" days and my "out & let's see where we can hang and mess up someone else's house" days. Both are fun in their own, unique way.

    PS: I hear ya on the shutting the door when you pee when guests are over. and not being able to blog...the bother! ;)

  6. yeah all that plus I can't watch trashy television :(

  7. Oh, Melinda you are so cute. I think I could come visit you and be very comfortable, just kick the toys out of the way, let me borrow a bra, I could fart and it would just blend in with the Unknown smell, ---and pour me a diet coke, lets chat

  8. We must be the exception, half of that list doesn't count when we come visit, haha!! I like it that way though. The funk smell in our house is usually coming from the back of the fridge. I'll visit you, otherwise I don't think I care for it much!

  9. I like having people over once a week (we do game nights on Fridays) --it keeps me motivated to clean my house. Although sometimes, I admit, I'll cancel just because I can't get the energy to clean.

    We live in a super small space though and our front room is basically the only room kids can play. It's hard to stay on top of it so I do hate the 'pop in visitors'. I gotta have at least 30 min to throw things under my couch and up the stairs. Haha.

  10. We were meant for each other. I am 100% convinced now! I am almost NEVER ready for company. I usually don't shower until 3pm (or later) and I lounge around the house in my G's. Plus, everything else on your list! Oh yeah, and Bug always gets into my "special" drawer, so you never know when you are going to find a bottle of lube on the living room floor.

  11. I'd love to get out and do things but my hubs is the homebody. I like visitors EVEN THOUGH my house isn't always clean. A little shame will probably do me some good on the housecleaning front. More often than not seeing the messes around here makes my friends like me more- either because they now feel normal OR because they can feel just a little 'better' than me! LOL!

  12. We have overnight company coming tomorrow. I found out at 9 pm. Tomorrow will be a busy, non-blogging day.


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