Monday, April 6, 2009

Some Secret that Victoria has!

I love Victoria's Secret. I really, really do. LOVE IT.

I think they have the most adorable clothes, the kind of clothes I totally covet. I know coveting is bad, but I WANT THOSE CLOTHES. And I have to give major props to whoever their marketing person is, because they make me think I might actually look like those girls in those clothes, now that takes some doing!

I don't just love Victoria's Secret for their clothes though...

Let me just say, I have birthed three children and have nursed said three children. Do you know what nursing does to your boobs?! Sure for the time you're nursing they look fantastic, but afterwards -- it isn't pretty alright?

The day my milk finally dries up, is a scary day indeed. I go from a full "C" cup, to a shriveled tennis ball in a gym sock "A" cup. Its like hanging skin, seriously so disgusting.

But NO! Thanks to Victoria's Secret, I have perky cute "B" cups again! The bra's there may be a little pricey, but believe you me, they are worth it! I can't even stand to wear the other cheap bra's I have stuffed in the back of my drawer anymore. I will never betray you VS. NEVER.

(I really tried to not to put up a really seductive picture, sorry if you didn't feel like looking at another woman's bosoms today, but hey thats the way I roll.)
I also get their catalog and e-mails with their specials, is it sad when my little girls like to look at the catalog with me and tell me which bra's they think are pretty? Do you think that makes me a bad mom? Hey, they're going to have boobs someday too, they might as well learn about it now...

So, whats your guilty pleasure?


  1. I have a really hard time with bras. Either the cups pucker or the underwire doesn't lay flat on my chest, or my boob accidentally pop out of my shirt, etc. You know how it is.

  2. My guilty pleasure is flowers for my garden. I should really stick to perennials b/c they come back every year but I just can't resist those sweet annuals! I keep buying more and more even though they just die dead in the fall. (I think it's okay to talk bras with your girls. But who am I?)

  3. LOL...that was good and COMPLETELY true...that is the ONLY bra's I buy also...and not because I'm an A's because I'm TOO big on top and they support the sisters...ya know! :)

  4. I love their cloths as well ---but they NEVER look as good on me plus they are a little pricey. I hate spending alot of money on underwear ---I would feel like I would have to "show" everyone what I spent my money on, but there is something to be said about a good bra!!

  5. Guilty pleasure....I'll have to get back to you on that!

  6. Let's see, I can't pass up home decorating magazines. you'd think I'd have my share after a major remodel and a total new construction in the last 2 years. But no, I love them.
    And I have to chuck the VS catalogs when they come in the mail since I have 3 boys who would probably really enjoy looking through them. ;)

  7. I am so with you---love,love,love, their bras!

  8. I love the extra padded bras that make me look two sizes bigger. And then when I take them off, I'm always shocked how much smaller I am!

  9. I saw you over on Rachels blog and thought I'd come check out yours. I'm with ya on the bras. I have always loved a good bra but haven't gone back over to VS since I finished nursing my last baby. Maybe I'll have to put that on my to do list this week. It's about time these girls looked better! :)

  10. OK, I just updated my blogroll and added your awesome blog. Hopefully that'll help your World Record goal. :)

  11. I just got the most awesome coat there. reg 145 dollars. down to $50 something... then i had discount and got it for $32!

    its totally rad

    I love their bra's

    My next want is their flowy tshirt shirt.

  12. "shriveled tennis ball in a gym sock"

    I almost peed my pants.


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