Sunday, April 5, 2009

Do YOU Aspire to Grandeur?

Today is Sunday, so I feel like I should post something somewhat spiritual. But sometimes I feel all this pressure to be funny because on Mormon Mommy Blogs I'm listed under "funny ladies" or something like that. They're probably going to kick me out of that category before too long, I'm just not up to par. Darn it all.
But I also don't want to post about spiritual things right now, maybe someday I will, but mostly I'm selfish and like to keep those things to myself... Or maybe I'm just not spiritual? No, that can't be right... Okay I'll give you a little taste of spiritual-ness, alright?!

I love General Conference, truly! And I only fell asleep the very last talk of the very last session, come on now that's pretty impressive! And I blame my husband because he fell asleep first and then the kids did, and how do you stay awake when everyone else is asleep?! (and you stayed up until 2 AM the night before...) So anyway, I really enjoyed Conference the last two days, I feel very uplifted, but there's something I could not stop doing while watching. Every speaker that gets up, I imagine what it must feel like to be speaking to thousands of people and being broadcast all over the world--it must be terrifying! I think, someday when I'm up there, how will I feel?! (Yes, I really do think that. I'm so humble, aren't I?) I really do think about what I would talk about, how I would make it the most amazing talk ever, that would really touch people, and then think about if I would pass out on the walk up to the pulpit, if I would get so distracted by all the people that I wouldn't be able to focus on the words to read, if I would start giggling at the most inappropriate time.

Which is obviously why I will NEVER speak at General Conference. Oh, and because you have to be amazingly awesomely good to as well. Do you think I have issue's with proving myself? I just want to be the best of the best!

So, what are your aspirations?


  1. I could never do it. I have heard some criticisms of some of the talks in conferences past that have gone up on the internet (not of the GA's--some of the ladies) and it would just do me in done!

  2. I do see you doing something quite spectacular as you continue to grow through life!! HmmmHmmm. I am not afraid of crows really. I always love to pretend I am before 100's of people singing my heart out like Kerrie Underwood ---wearing those great dresses. Yup, I'd sing my ever loving soul out!!!

  3. And besides not being afraid of CROWS ----(I am such a freaking typing idiot) but I also am NOT afraid of CROWDS --Crows or crowds, not afraid of any of them.

  4. I thought Stake conference was bad. I think I might just pass out!

  5. I can't teach Relief Society without throwing up hours before. I can't imagine speaking at General Conference! I would probably lose 20lbs...wait minute that's a good thing!

  6. Thanks for popping into Venus vs. Mars to read my post!

  7. hey Melonhead,

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