Monday, April 13, 2009

Vacation or Punishment?

It's Spring Break here (have you heard that anywhere else? NO?!) and my boss is out of town, so guess who's left in charge? HMMmmmmm?! Yes ME, of course me!! Who else would you leave in charge of a daycare than someone as responsible and charge-worthy as me?!

Thats why I'm home right now, they didn't need me.

Really, they didn't need me. And I was super happy to come home and put on real pants instead of sweat pants. Ahhhhhhhhh, sweat pants, I love you on early mornings...

Anyway, how was your Easter? Mine was fantastic! And thats all I'm sharing with you, except these two pictures:

I seriously can't stop eating candy, it's a problem. I'm especially enjoying the Swedish Fish.
Guess what? My husband and I went and played laser tag the other night! It was super duper fun, we're keeping things young at heart, if you haven't played I seriously recommend it! Definitely hilarious, strategic, and you get a good workout.
I'm feeling a bit random still, can you tell?
I have to totally apologize to Funky, I hate feeling like a flake, I really missed ya and I hope you'll still be my friend! I really do feel like a total jerk...sorry again. :(
Hope you have a great Spring Break, I know mine will be filled with crying, whining, boredom, work, snow and showers! Yeesh...


  1. Your family picture is adorable!

    And why is spring break so late here? Jordan school district had Thursday, Friday, and today off. Weird.

  2. Our spring break is this week too. We're at my inlaws and when I read your title I thought, yup thats totally us right now.

    Love the family picture!

  3. Your family is so adorable! To answer your blog post's question, BOTH. Today is my son's last day of spring break and I love the kid, but I can't wait for him to go back to school!

  4. That is a lovely family pic! I wish we had one. Husband and I played pass the camera.

  5. What a gorgeous family photo --love it. Angela and I missed you at lunch on Saturday --we'll have to try and set that up again.

  6. We had spring break weeks ago...but it was fun for like ONE day!!! :) and I love your FAMILY photo! So cute!

  7. What a sweet family! And those girls...can you just say gorgeous!!!!



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