Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Feeling WEIRD

Okay, I really have nothing to post about.


I feel like I'm spiraling out of control into a deep, dark pit of despair. Or something like that. I'm not dramatic at all, no way!

This is like the weirdest week ever. Not really ever, but it is seriously weird. And not because of anything particularly, it's just different from normal and it's throwing me off.

There's no school, no getting up early to get Oldest ready. My boss is gone, so I have added responsibilities, which is find, just different! I'm not teaching preschool because its Spring Break!It's snowing right now! OUR BIRDS' HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!

Yeah, see, its totally weird. Told you so.

You know what else is throwing me off?


I know I've posted about Facebook a few times already, but this is a little different. Okay, its not that different.

I'm really weirded out by all the people I knew in high school. Not that they're bad or mean or whatever, its just seeing them and talking to them pulls me back into those memories and I don't know about you, but high school brings back strong memories. And its a little painful for me. Or atleast it makes me feel self conscious, or weird. Or REALLY weird.

A girl I knew back then just posted pictures of me and her from our last year of Girls' Camp. Besides the fact that I look totally dumb, it just makes me feel....yup, you guessed it...WEIRD!

I'm feeling good that I have such an amazing grasp on my thoughts and emotions, and I think just being aware of how it makes me feel will get me through this. *shifty eyes*

I'm so glad I don't need a therapist...yet.

How do you guys feel when you see people from high school? Let's see, could it be: WEIRD?! I sure hope so.


  1. I seriously only have like 2 people from high school on Facebook. I have very few friends from that time, and there's really no one I would want to look up.

  2. yep, it's weird to be on FB surrounded by old high school friends, x-boyfriends, past church teachers, your mom, etc. major weirdness. I'm with you all the way, girl. ;)

    PS: found you on MM blogs! Blog on!

  3. Yeah, it's weird. Especially since I only went to high school for one year. Then I turned into a major smarty pants and started going to college instead. I almost feel like I can't even talk to the people I knew from high school. Will they even remember me? And if they do, what the heck do we still have in common? Eh, yeah, it's weird.

  4. Yes and no. There are a few friends that I lost track of and was so excited to find and get back in touch with. (Debbie is one of them, actually.) But there are a few that I could have done with never seeing, or hearing from again. And a few that I have denied their friend request. I'm such a brat.

  5. I don't know how I'd feel about meeting people in high school - probably WEIRED (tee,hee) It has been too long. And guess what, my high school is having their 40 year reunion this weekend. DO YOU HEAR ME --40 FREAKING YEARS. Weird. It is in Canada though, so I won't be going.

  6. I hated high school and I would be mortified if anyone saw my year book pictures! Can you believe some guy from church found out that we went to the same h.s. and brought the year book to church? It gets better, he showed my picture to everyone!

  7. yeah I don't like it. I had an awful time in high school not that anyone would know that. I never felt good enough... so when people contact me I still feel that way!!!

  8. I like to friend people from high school, look at their pictures and then delete them. I get such satisfaction in seeing how much they haven't changed - I never have to go to a reunion!


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