Saturday, April 18, 2009

But Atleast I'm "Reading"!

Things I hate about blogging:

~My son always wants to sit on my lap, so I end up having to type one handed. Which is okay up to a point. But I have to be honest I curse word verification! Because I think I've got my comment typed out and I'm done, scroll down...DANG WORD VERIFICATION! NOOOoooooooo!

~I get so absorbed in blogging/reading blogs, I miss meals. (which you'd think was a good thing, but no.)

~I totally get why people put music on their blog, but I came to read and the music is distracting. I always have to turn it off. The worst is when the widget is down at the very bottom of the blog and I can't find it! Grrrrr

~When people are fake. This is for people you actually know (duh, how else would you know they're being fake?), so like when they have a jerk spouse and complain all the time, but they go on and on about how sweet their spouse is on their's annoying.

~Trying to impress perfect strangers. I hate it when I'm blogging, or I read a blog and I feel like I'm trying so hard (or they are) to impress everyone. It's like high school all over again. Just be yourself and you'll find some of the billion bloggers out there that connect with you.

~I hate it when you go to a big blogger's blog and it says right there that if you leave a comment, they'll come comment back, but then they never do. LIAR!

~But I also hate comments too. Not really, I LOVE getting your comments, but I hate feeling like the post was good, or you're a good blogger based on comments. It's a lot of pressure. Also very high schoolesque.

~I hate trying to think of something funny, getting an idea, writing it out and then can't standing it.

~Getting writer's block. Pooey.

~Taking one day off and then spending hours the next day trying to catch up.

~Really horrible grammar. I mean I'll still read ya and all that, but if there's TONS of mispellings and lots of bad grammar, its just so hard to concentrate on what you're saying.

~Tired eyes, achy back, headaches from staring at the screen for so long.

And what I hate the most about blogging?:

~Not being completely blog famous already! :D

(Notice most of my hates are totally controlled by me. And since I have no self-control, I'll go on doing them. Huh.)

Things I love about blogging:

~Making friends without even leaving my living room! AWESOME!

~Having thoughts and idea's bouncing around in my brain, and finally having a place to put them!

~Using my creative juices. Sometimes the juice is a little fermented, but still there is juice.

~Laughing at some of the funniest stuff I've ever heard in my life!

~Being able to relate with other people who go through the same things I do on a daily basis!

~Keeping my sanity through some sort of adult interaction. Score!

~The opportunity to "meet" people (and I like to think, friends) I would otherwise never know!

~Getting to comment (share my own thoughts & opinions) to other people on their blogs! Sometimes I have some strong opinions, and I'm sure my husband is VERY happy I get a lot of that out here in blogland!

~I ADORE witty comments!

~I love finding fun craft blogs/hair blogs/idea blogs/whatever kind of blogs, and getting idea's from there! It is the best!

~Feeling "smart" because I'm "reading"!

And what I love the MOST about blogging?:


Even if there's things I don't care for, the best parts of blogging totally trump the rest! Thanks for being my blogging buddies! Yay for blogdania!


  1. I have to say that my list would be about the same.

    And man, I've been feeling blog funky lately. I think it's like this Internet virus that's going around.

  2. Most of the things that you hate about blogging is my reasons too, and I sooo hate word verification, music, and what's up with blogs using tiny fonts? Do they find some thrill that you have to dig up a magnifying glass to read?

  3. Kristina, totally feeling the blog funk too! What is going on?!?! It's CraZy!

    Oh man H.K., I didn't even think of the tiny fonts! haha

  4. yeah I've been having such a hard time blogging too! writers block sucks. going to people's blogs and having them say they always comment back and they don't is my biggest peeve. I'll tell you who does it to me. I suck at leaving witty comments. like sucky mcsucky suck.

  5. good list - both the bad and the good. I DO NOT want to blog and feel like I am in a competition for "bloggers to visit and leave a comment". I have enough pressure in my life. And I want to just be ME -the good and the bad. I loved the comment about your creative juices --sometimes maybe being fermented. THAT COULD EXPLAIN ALOT MY DEAR. funny!! Oh and one more thing --You ARE bloggy famous... already.

  6. I HATE phony people toooo and I hate when you comment on someone's blog (not completely famous yet) and they don't acknowledge it. So NOT cool

    But I love yer blog (even when we're fighting)jk Melonhead...You are totally awesome (no faking, promise)

  7. I always love your comments, no faking here! Truely, I agree with you on alot of your likes and dislikes. Seems like some (not all) bloggers are trying to see how many people they can get to follow them so they can feel "popular" So Shallow!!!!

    Luv ya Sister,

    p.s. Would you sign up to follow me so I don't feel like a complete reject.

  8. found you on Mormon Mommy Blogs--

    Love your post about blogging.

    But be warned--I don't (well really can't) do witty remarks.

    PS I am holding my baby & typing 1-handed :)

  9. Oh Funky, I don't want to fight anymore!! WAAaaaaaahhhh! I love ya babe!!

    Okay Connie, hysterical! hahahahaha

    Hey Michelle, thanks for the comment! Gotta love the one handed typing yeah?

  10. It's IBS, I'm tellin' ya! I think it flares up at the worst times.

    I want to be blog famous, too. I don't know why it is so appealing!

  11. Yes, yes, yes and yes. I hate the word verification, I have to type comments one handed 75% of the time and that just takes forever, I hate feeling like my post wasn't good enough because I didn't get as many comments as I would have liked.

    But you know what? You are totally right. The pros of blogging totally outweigh the cons.

  12. getso frustrated by the comment thing too, because I keep letting myself get caught up in it and it makes me mad.

    On the other hand, I SOOOO totally relate to the things you love about blogging. The sense of belonging has saved my sanity this year and made me a much nicer person to be around.

  13. Oops. Sorry I didn't proofread. I suck.

  14. Taking a day off of blog reading is like taking a day off from doing the dishes. It just ain't worth it. Yet, I do it--repeatedly. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.

  15. Okay, I'm sorry about my grammar and stuff but I admit always that I'm horrible at it!

    But I agree with the rest of it! ;)


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