Thursday, April 9, 2009

Somebody Help Me!

I'm feeling a little out of sorts today, so this post I'm afraid is going to be a tad bit random. Oh well.

Most people save their randomness for Fridays, but you can't control this. I'm a lone wolf, a freeeee bird...a...a...against the grain kind of gal...yeah, thats all I've got.

I'm out of sorts because I've been in front of the stinkin computer even more than I usually am, and its making my head hurt. And it wasn't even for anything important! I've spent a ridiculously long amount of time for this video:

I know, I know, I look insane. PLUS, you get to hear all my kid's names. Not like you guys can't just go over to my family blog and read them all there, I know you're smart enough to figure it out. So I don't really care. I made the video for my family blog, but I spent so much stinkin effort on it, I posted it here too. What do you think of my super booming voice! Hope you feel even closer to me now. (It took so long because it would play fine on my computer, but every time I uploaded it to blogger, the sound went all funky. Then I had to explore many, many options to make it work. Finally, I handed it over to someone much more competent than me. Yes, should've thought of that earlier.)

Also, I'm feeling out of sorts because I haven't hardly eaten anything today. Do you ever have days like that, where you're running around (or sitting in front of the computer...) and you're just too busy to eat?! Well, it happened to me today. Don't worry I survived on a Mountain Dew, Reese's PB cups and a bowl of Cocoa Puffs. I feel so much better.

My son isn't helping the situation either. He has a cold, which means: HE'S DRIVING ME CRAZY! It's not that I don't feel terrible about it, but the kid wants me to hold him every second of the day. I CAN'T do that, my arms are weak and I'm lazy! Sheesh, he should learn this sooner rather than later. Here's hoping.

I haven't seen my husband before 9:30 PM every night this week. I'm feeling slightly crazed. I mean, I'm fine really, it happens quite often where we have crazy busy weeks, its just I'm done. I'm supposed to go to a church thing tonight, and I'm going to be bad and skip it. I mean humanitarian is optional right?! We're focusing on service every week this entire year, I deserve to take one night off right?! I just want to hang out with my husband, watch a movie, eat; and at this point, I'm going to do it and deal with more chocolate eating guilt later. The choices we make.

Last random thing, another reason I'm feeling all unfocused or whatever? I'm reading the Twilight series AGAIN. I have a problem. Believe you me, I've read other books since those, lots of other books, its just I LOVE those books, and I love getting lost in them. But thats the problem, I get a little TOO involved in that world. And then I walk around in a daze thinking about Forks and Edward and vampires...and EDWARD. I need help.

Alrighty then, thats it. All I got. Fini. See ya later. (Seriously, make it stop.)


  1. I can't listen to your video at work, but I did watch it, and you're adorable!!!

  2. Your kids are cutie-patootie, your voice doesn't boom as much as you think it does, I adore the wood floors, red walls and white molding! I saw Twilight for the first time the other day and it actually made me want to read Breaking Dawn (that's #4, right?)

  3. Sweet family! And you are just adorable!

  4. Your kids are adorable and I will never be able to whistle like your daughter! It sounds more like a squeak.

  5. Cute little people you have! I hope you stayed home and enjoyed your husband and then got lost in the fogs of Forks.

  6. My speakers aren't working, but what adorable ankle bitters you have. Stay home sister! You need to be rested up for tomorrow anyway!

  7. I skipped enrichment last night too, if that makes you feel any better. But I don't even have a good excuse!

  8. K your video didn't work...that STINKS I was looking forward to hearing your LOUD booming voice!!! :) LOL!

  9. Cute --I like that I got to see your kids and hear your voice --so fun. I have no clue how to work a video and don't even have one. sorry you were out of sorts today. Hey, I like the "ginormous" tv. And your choice of mtn dew, pb cups and cocoa puffs sounds like My kinda gir.

  10. loved the video!

    um if you think that we couldn't be twinners in any more possible ways think again...

    our voices sound identical! not kidding. that was like listening to my own voice!

  11. OH man Shell! That just put the biggest grin on my face! AWESOME!


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