Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ode to Blemishes

An Ode to Blemishes: A Tale of Pain and Suffering

Pimple, pimple on my cheek;
It's been an hour but feels like a week.
Every movement conveys your disapproval,
but all I want is your removal.

You fester, you ooze;
I think I need some booze.
I squeeze and I pop,
but the hurting just don't stop.

It's been awhile since I've had such a hurty,
I wonder if I'm just too dirty?
I shower daily, I swear I do,
Maybe I shouldn't be using that goo.

Every move I make, I feel the pain;
but in no way are you starting to wain!
Please leave me alone and just go away,
and really please for more than one day.

Kristina mentioned something about a boil,
but don't worry, I am still loyal.
I don't mind you have a blemish,
removing MINE is my only wish.

Why oh why did it have to be the cheek?
Every step makes me even more weak.
Laugh and point at the freak,
Who talks of zits on her butt cheek.

Was this a little too much info for ya? Naw, I didn't think so!

*p.s. I finished Miss Delacourt! It was so awesome, I will write a "formal" review later on--I promise! But I have to be honest, I thought this poem was hilarious until I started reading Miss Delacourt, and then I thought "I'm such a twit! A cad! A chit! Very not up to snuff!" Oh well, it's what I got.*


  1. Thanks for the daily dose of buffoonery, or is it blather? Either way you are too funny.

  2. I never knew that reading a poem about a blemish could be so FUNNY! I found myself feeling around my face to make sure I didn't have one!

  3. Oh, dearie! You seriously are hilarious. You know, I laugh every time I hear the word "weiner", too...so I thought the poem was great! :D

  4. I'm glad you didn't post a photo!!!

    way too funny ;D

  5. OK, you didn't have a blemish on your skin, you crazy girl!

  6. You didn't read the ending Kristina, I was talking about on my backside, my rear, my tush, butt, fanny, so on and so forth. :D Maybe it was better to think it was just on my face yes?

  7. Not bad chica...I laughed my backside off....

  8. Maybe you should try laughing your backside off too and then the zit would disappear with it.

  9. You are way funny. And not alone. In the least. I've been an aspiring poet since age 13. And I've got some corny poems on my own blog to prove it, including one about head lice (another true story) and one about raisinetes.

  10. Well I thought it was up to snuff! and hilarious.

  11. Clearasil for the face, Icthammol (sp) for the butt.

    And take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

    BTW... ouch.

  12. Ow. Could be worse; could be on the other side. That is misery!

  13. This is an amazing poem!! Don't we all know the feeling!? Haha! Love love it!!

    So weird thing... last week I had a zit in my ARMPIT!!! And it was a dooozey!! Disgusting, huge and it HURT LIKE H$LL!!!! :) I had to have my fiance pop it! Sick sick!! Haha!!!

    At least I know that he loves me :)

  14. I think we are going to get along nicely!!!

    Going to go follow you!


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