Saturday, March 14, 2009

Does Size Really Matter? My Husband Says YES!

Oh man, you have no idea what we've done. We've gone out and done something, well, probably pretty stupid and I'm feeling really nervous/nauseous/weird/a teeny bit excited/but mostly nauseous.

What is it that we did then?

Well, in a very informed and definitely trying to help stimulate the economy (we solely based our decision on helping the economy don't ya know.) we...bought...



We've had the same 27" TV since the day we got married. Its been good to us, we still love it and all, its just that its gotten some rough usage the last couple years. Like the day Oldest Daughter had been watching TV all day and wouldn't get anything done. After yelling at her a few times (over my shoulder from at the know, I just don't know where she gets her TV fetish's just so odd...) I finally told her she wasn't going to be able to watch TV anymore if she didn't turn it off and get done whatever it was I was asking her (probably something like, "GET ME A MOUNTAIN DEW NOW!!''). In a fit of dramatics, she ran to the poor television and slammed the power button. Resulting in a sort of wonky lopsided power button that we now deal with. Plus its starting to get the lines through it. Really we could make due with the teeny tiny itty bitty wittle TV we have, but I gotta be honest with you. It's the Husband. He HAS to have it! He'll stop at nothing until he has his way!

So we got the stupid humongo TV. Its sitting in its stupid humongo box in my kitchen right now. Its humongo box, in my infinitesimal kitchen. I can't cook, I can't heat things in the microwave, do the dishes, walk around, without moving the stupid huge box.

But of course thats not the worst part of it, oh no, of course not! Its the price, man! Gee whiz and we got a "good deal" and it was still getting close to a thousand dollars! I have to say this is by FAR the largest purchase of cash we've ever made. BY FAR.

Hence the sick feeling.

But hey, Husband's happy. And he'll be happy watching his ginormous television in old underwear eating top ramen sitting on the floor, because we'll have no money for anything else ever again. Jerk.

But to end this on a good note, the only thing keeping the sick feeling away is The Boy. He started walking this week! So much fun (did I mention this before? I can't remember, I've told it so many times now...) and I'm going to post the proof for you!

Just don't look at my face, I look slightly crazed and insane, plus my underwear's hanging out the back. Sorry about that. But he's WaLkInG!! Yippee!

Oh and before I forget, I wanted to add this just for Heidi over at Dunhaven Place (I would link to ya Heidi, but I'm feeling pretty lazy right now, sorry.) because she recommended this movie. Well, did you actually recommend it? Maybe you just talked about it. I don't remember now. But anyway, the movie was The Dutchess, and really is quite interesting, very emotional too; I cried like a baby at the end there, well you know what part right Heidi? I was wondering though if you felt this same way Heidi, just wanted your opinion about a certain aspect of it. Do you think they really explored the whole six* angle? I don't think they touched on it nearly enough, it wasn't very clear or anything about what was going on. Do you think they were having six at all? Man, I just couldn't get over how little six there was!!! (please note the sarcasm.) :)

(*Oh wait, I put the s. e. x. word in there, now I'm going to have to change it before I get all the freaky weird people, I replaced it with the word six alrighty?)

Talk at ya'll latah!


  1. Wow! I got a mention in your blog AGAIN! Woo hoo! First of all, you won't regret the TV. You won't ever have to go to a movie again. Think of the savings! We love ours. We have a DVD that plays a fire in the fireplace which is very cool in the winter--you can get ones that do waterfalls or fish tanks or works of art. Very neat. Second--your cute boy and cute you! Love the pic! And lastly, if you mean the part I mean, well, YEP, I did think it was very cryable. Actually, there were about three parts that made me feel really sad--not sure which of the three made you cry the most. I'm glad you liked it! Esp. since I recommended it. That would have been sad if you hated it. (sorry about all the six! Like I said, there were some "ew!" moments . . .)

  2. I really want a new TV for our bedroom. It's my old 32" TV, and it has no hookups on it, so no hookups for a DVR. My life would change if we had two DVRs.

    And I saw the bawdy British drama, The Duchess. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to anyone who doesn't like sex in movies. A lot of sex in movies. Which I do, of course, so I loved it.

    No, it was meh.

  3. My hubby, too, is convinced we need a ridiculously huge TV. Especially now, we are trying to build our non-credit into good credit to buy a house. Hubby's wonderful plan is to get a credit card and use it to buy ourselves a TV that will take up a whole freakin' wall in a house, should we ever manage to get one. I think we should get something a little more 500 gallons of chocolate ice cream.

  4. OK - so I am officially Jealous over the TV. We have it on our list of things to buy!!! Maybe I'll just come to your house in the meantime and eat Top Rammen with your husband.
    (tee,hee, I am laughing at the underwear peaking through)

  5. Hey sister, six-e drawers! Cute rug rat doing the Frankenstien walk. Gotta love it!

    I'm with Wendy, I think you should have a big "eat raman in your unders while watching GYNORMOUS TV" party.

    Just not the Duchess, nothing against mind you...just maybe not while we're all in our unders eating raman.

    Oh man I crack myself up!

  6. I was just sitting here going through my favorite blogs and a nick name popped in my head just for you! WOO HOO! Can ya guess?

    come on,'re not trying very hard.
    Squeeze yer brain really hard. Has it come to you yet? hmmmm Melonhead? HAHAHA

    I don't know don't look like one, but I have to tell ya it's one of my favorite sayings.

    I always ask my son if he's using his melon? I'm pretty sure he doesn't know exactly where that is right now. 1 month away from 20...aaaaaaaaaaa


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