Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Don't Need Anymore Iron-y

I was a really annoying teenager.

Truly, I was. I was really hyper and giggly and loud and dorky. Well, at least around my friends and their families. (There were times where in classes if I felt insecure or didn't have any friends, that I was very shy and quiet) But for the most part: a loud, obnoxious dork.

Some of the things I did as an annoying teenager?

Thinking how I was acting was REALLY SUPER COOL, when in fact it was REALLY SUPER ANNOYING!
For example, going to Target and running up and down the aisles laughing maniacally, playing with the toys and being generally obnoxious.
Going to the prom dress stores and trying on like twenty different dresses, wasn't ever going to buy one, but we felt pretty.
Toilet papering our friends' houses. This one time we went to a grocery store beforehand to buy toilet paper and whatnot, and talked in British accents the entire time (thinking we were AWESOME) and sat in the grocery carts and pushed each other around. *shudder*

I could go on, but I'm internally cringing over my naivety enough to make me sick. Besides the fact that I just drank 24 oz of Mountain Dew, that might be making me sick as well. And my son is sitting next to me with a poopy diaper, I think that's getting to me too.
(alright, I took a little break and changed the diaper, I know, I'm such a good mom...)

The thing I feel even worse about than how stupid I acted? I have no tolerance for stupid teenagers. Well, I have very little tolerance for stupid teenagers. I catch you walking around talking in a fake accent, you get the dirty look from me and an eye roll. Some guy was using his grocery cart like a scooter today--wheeeeeee!-- and just about ran over one of my kids, you should've seen how terrified he looked of me after he saw my face. And I'm not very intimidating normally.

Girls being really loud and laughing hysterically = my blood boiling.

What a hypocrite I am.

I can't help it though, they're so obnoxious! I didn't come to horrible Wal-Mart to have to deal with someone else's dumb teenagers, and where are their parents anyway?! The worst is at the dollar theater. Oh how I loathe the dollar theater. Teenage kids run rampant there and if I have to hear them laughing and clapping in the middle of my movie and they always say the stupidest stuff......alright, I'm working myself up now. I've got to stop.

Really, the irony in this? More than you know I'm going to have obnoxious teenagers myself? I work in Young Women's....and I LOVE IT! haha


  1. And I get to work with them every day. Love it.

  2. Yeah, getting older is very uncomfortable. I'm older than you, thus know more about it and it doesn't feel good.

  3. Doing stuff like that was annoying? Dang. Then I was an annoying teenager too. Oh, well.

  4. *phew*! Glad I was never an annoying teenager! ;D But, I hear ya', they drive me crazy, too!

  5. Hey, I still do that when I go to Target --run up and down the aisles like a maniac!!! (so fun--my kids don't like to take me out much) You are properly place in Young Womens and I bet they LOVE YOU. and yes ---you will have obnoxious teenagers, but I see you jumping right in with them


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