Monday, March 23, 2009

How Do You Get a Laugh?

I work at a daycare. I mostly just teach preschool, Tuesday's and Thursday's I do office work, otherwise I fill in where I'm needed every once in awhile. Today was a day I was filling in--making lunch.

It was then, down in the kitchen of the daycare, I could hear my Oldest Daughter upstairs playing, that I discovered something. To my rude awakening great pleasure, I discovered Oldest has turned into one of those kids.

You know the type.

The obnoxious ones.

The ones who think "bathroom" words are funny.

Oh yeah, thats my daughter.

It doesn't happen very often when you get to peek in on your kids when they don't know you can hear them. You really hope that when you do get that chance that they'll really impress you, that it will be one of those really proud moments.

Not so much.

Yeah, I can hear her running amuck, being loud and all of a sudden yelling "ACK! I have to go PEE PEE!! HEHEHEHEHEHE!" She didn't have to go "pee pee", she just has finally discovered that using bathroom words gets ya a good laugh. I don't know how she hasn't discovered this sooner, since saying fart is a definite laugh-getter in our house.

Gotta love six year olds.

*UPDATE ON THE NOSE FLARING: So I talked to the Young Men's Pres. yesterday at church, and they totally DID see me making faces!! :S He said his wife was all "Hey, look there's Melinda! She's been making faces at us for a while, maybe she's being funny?!" After much more face making. "Uh, what is she doing?!" More face making by me. Drive by and honk. Look of utter terror/embarassment. Oh, but we had a good laugh about it... *


  1. Haha! I love that they saw you!! Heehee.

  2. Oh I love when I have those moments when I can hear my kids being completely crazy and obnoxious and using words like pee pee and poo poo.

  3. BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!! That is so funny!!! I know how you feel. I have been caught doing stuff too. I laugh harder than the person who caught me. Ahhh, life's little moments!

  4. Only 396 more needed! You're almost there!! Woo hoo!!

  5. Kids ---they love to say all the words we try and teach them not to. But ya gotta admit, it usually makes us laugh. My grand daughter is always correting ME however---grandma we don't say that word. WHAT????

  6. Ok sister, how to I get ahold of you? do you have an email address? I'm not seeing one here?


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