Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ponderings on My Birth Day

Today is my birthday.

Yup. Yes, it is.

MY birth day, the day of my birth. When angels sang and people cried out of shock of my pure goodliness and innocence.

It was a special day. Obviously.

So how does someone celebrate such an utterly significant day?!

Well, just like any other day for me, really.

I don't know why birthdays aren't a big deal at our house, they just aren't. And I'm okay with that. I still went to work, I still will go to church tonight, went grocery shopping earlier. Heck, I still did the dishes and folded laundry. Why do we think just because its our birthday that the whole world stops? It doesn't.

You know why we think on our birthday that the whole world should stop? Because gosh darn it, it should. We should have one day a year where things are different. Where we can relieve some of the pressure of every day life. One day a year isn't enough to celebrate the amazing people around us, to let them know today is all about you because I don't think about you enough, just you.

Maybe I should re-think the whole "birthday's aren't a big deal" thing...huh.

Now I just have to get the kids in on only thinking about me for one day, like that's EVER going to happen!


  1. Happy birthday! And like you, I'm OK with very low key birthdays.

  2. Happy Birthday! We celebrate a ridiculous amount for just about any holiday. Birthdays are sacred...well, at least there's usually cake. ;o)

  3. Happy Birthday Melinda! My ePresents to you are $100 gift card to VS. Then we would get a bunch of girls and go to the movies and then hang out at your house since I don't have a house near by the movie theater. Then we'd eat candy all night and giggle TONZ!!! ;) jk on the "Z"

  4. You know what is so odd--I REALLY KEPT THINKING ALL DAY, THAT SOMETHING FELT DIFFERENT. Like this was, for some reason unknown to me until now, that THIS was a special day. I did---hear angels singing, and I believe ai saw a falling star (even in the middle of the day--weird)

  5. Birthdays are a BIG deal (at least to me). I take the day off, get a mani/pedi, treat myself to breakfast and/or lunch, go to a matinee movie and maybe buy a new outfit. This is my "gift" to myself every year.

    You don't have to call the NY Times, but I feel you should treat yourself on your b-day.

  6. BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! {{blowing horns and throwing confetti!!}}

  7. SOOO sorry that I wasn't here on your birthday! Nuts! I felt very much the same about birthdays when I was your age. Now I realize I am the one who has to make it special. It stinks in a way but it works. My husband often takes the day off of work on my b/d and we go out while the kids are school. THat's fun!

  8. Happy Birthday! We tend to make a big deal out of bdays at our house. . . well everyone but my husband. Which kind of sucks for me, but oh,well. I hope you had a good day.

  9. That's why you should be at my house on your birthday!! We ALWAYS make a big deal here, even if someone has to work or still do laundry:) You've had 2 birthdays here and I believe they were pretty darn good!!!!haha!


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