Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm on One Today, but Not in a Funny Way

Its been one of those days where my patience is running thin. I'm trying not to let loose and scream at people, but those people aren't making it easy on me, yaknowwhattamean?! Most of the people who are giving me a hard time don't exceed 44 inches high and only have a few years of life to their names. But does that really change the fact that I'm TIRED and stretched to my limit and really, really TIRED?! No, no it doesn't.

In other news, The Boy is starting to walk! At a week from turning 10 months he's taking steps all by himself! Very exciting! And I just love that unsteady, just learning how to, old man walk--so endearing!

Other good news? I ate a french dip sandwich for lunch and managed not to spill a single drop...uh, on my shirt. Other places were dripped on, but not my shirt! HA! You can't beat me au jus, no matter how good you taste!

It snowed here yesterday, or was it Monday? Ah yes, Monday. Just thought I'd share. (I am seriously tired of winter, please Spring won't you come and stay awhile?)

I have some sort of meeting or appointment or something for every single night this week. With my calling this happens sometimes, what can you do? I'll tell you what, NOTHING. You can't do anything! Unless you go on some sort of strike and picket outside the Bishop's house, I suppose you could do that, but seriously it snowed the other day! Brrrrrr!

Alright, randomness out. Peace. Word to your mother and some such nonsense.


  1. Hey, at least it's beautiful today!

  2. You have had way too much going on! I can't believe you have a meeting every night! That's not right!

  3. say hello to your mother for me.

    have you seen the SNL skit with Mark Wahlberg?

  4. Haha Shell, I didn't get it when I first read it but then you said Mark Wahlberg and I was like DUH! hahahaha

    Oh yes Heidi, but thats life is it not? :)

    You're right Kristina, beautiful and FREEZING! haha

  5. Why oh Why is it so hard to eat things and not spill all over yourself. That is a miracle, no au jus!!!! I am so proud!! I love the ol' fry sauce spill, and BBQ sauce spill ---you follow me here don't ya.

  6. I'm sorry. I know those days. Hey, at least you have a clean shirt! Right?

  7. Mel,

    I had one yesterday and my hubby watched me eat it just so he could laugh when I dribbled on myself. HAHA not one drop! First time ever! HAHA

  8. With a small investment Miss Minda-lu you too can get a UofU bag.


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