Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why Buses Aren't in My Economic Plan

I think the best (HA!) "embarrassing moment" story I have (I have lots, this is just THE BEST), is about riding the school bus.

Did you ever have to ride the school bus? That in itself should be embarrassing enough, but NO, it gets way better from here!

How about having to ride the bus in HIGH SCHOOL?! How about that? Do you think THAT is embarrassing enough?


How about when you're in high school, you have a swimming class (which I will have to talk about more another time...), which is your last period of the day, so you have to shower and change and all that and RUN for the bus so it doesn't leave you behind? With your hair dripping wet and smelling like chlorine?

STILL not enough?

Okay, how about one day, you're rushing for the bus after said swimming class, its about to leave! Oh no! Start bookin it--as in sprinting with your wet hair streaming behind you, backpack bouncing on your back--toward the bus. You see it. You're running.

Can't. Miss. That. Bus!

You get there just before it pulls away, oh sweet relief!

Simultaneously as your foot touches the bottom step, the bus door starts to close...

You are stuck in the bus door. Half of your body is outside the bus, still stranded out there in purgatory. The other half, including your head, is INSIDE the bus. Not a pretty sight really.

The bus driver is shocked and inhales sharply, "OH!" and finally opens the door back up to let you inside the hell hole. You take the three steps up into the main frame of the bus and see Super Hott Guy sitting right in the front seat laughing hysterically at you.

Take the walk of shame to the back of the bus, hanging head.

Insist to your parents, you WILL be starting driver's ed. right away!

So whats your most embarrassing story?


  1. I can't even think of one because I am laughing too hard!!

  2. At least you didn't discover it was actually the wrong bus once you got on it! lol! My most embarrassing moment has to do with swimming too. I was about 13 years old, and I was swimming at the lake with my sisters and some friends. The lake had a floating dock that we would play "King of the dock" on, and try to stay the only person on the dock. Well, I was on the dock, and my little sister was trying to get me off the dock. She grabbed the top side of my swim suit and pulled it WAY out, exposing all my glory to every person on that side of the lake.

  3. Very funny well-written story! There isn't room for my most embarrassing moment--I have so many to sort through, as well . . .

  4. I don't have an embarrassing bus moment, but my brother does. His first day of Jr. High he got on the bus and went and sat at the back. A moment later, the bus driver gets on the speaker and says "WHO'S DOG IS THIS???"
    As our cute little miniature poodle puppy (as in not a manly type dog) had escaped from the yard, chased him to the bus stop and jumped on the bus.
    Everyone sat in the bus and waited while he took the dog back home.

  5. LOL! I can totally see it! Poor Melinda!

  6. oh sweet cheeks, we'll have to talk!

  7. Thats great --well, not that was bad, at the time as you were probably dying. BUT, if that were to happen to you now, you'd just be laughing right along with the rest of them. Too bad while we were teeneagers every little thing was so devastating---it's a wonder anyone survives all that. I did ----just with a little therapy afterwards.


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