Saturday, March 28, 2009

LaBeouf, You Got the Stuff

Okay, I have to admit to something terrible. Something heinous. Something I am so ashamed of, especially as a married woman and a mother of three.

I have a crush.

A crush that is not on my husband. >uncontrollable sobbing< A crush that is fast becoming an obsession.

I have a crush on this man:

OOooooohhhhhh, hot dog that man is cute!
It feels extra wrong because I've watched Shia since he was a young teenager on Even Stevens. I thought he was funny/quirky then, and enjoyed the show (hey, atleast I was a teenager at the time as well...uh, yeah.), but lately he's coming out in more and more movies, and I just have to say I adore him in every movie I've seen him in. I mean, I didn't care for the new Indiana Jones movie, but I did like Shia in it. >tingly< (I said Shia like we know each other! hehehehehe)

Create your own FACEinHOLE
(Oh my, isn't that hysterical!?)

We recently watched Disturbia, and I LIKE HIM. He is so cute and funny and real. I mean, obviously he's acting so thats not who he really is, but in all his movies there's this underlying attitude that I just really like. He is my newest celebrity crush and I can NOT wait for Transformer's to come out this summer! YEE HAW!!
And to leave you with a short SNL clip of Shia: >sigh<

So, who's YOUR celebrity crush?


  1. I had to hold in my hysterical laughter at your twilight poster becasue of my sleeping baby. That is so funny! PS. I think he's kind of cute too!

  2. I'll be posting about my celebrity crush soon. Shia is cute but I keep thinking how he looked in Holes and I just can't get with the program (plus, I am eons older than you so he still looks like a baby to me).

  3. Ooooh I love Shia! I can't wait for transformers either!!!

  4. As soon as he's of legal age, I'll be adding him to my list as well. Such a cutie. I keep a (rapidly growing) short list of celeb crushes. And a wall of photos not unlike the one you've posted.

  5. I often refer to Shia as my boyfriend. My hubby is so sweet he went and rented Eagle Eye for me (well for him to cause it's action and adventure--but for me cause Shia's a hottie with a capitol H!). I love that you like him too. Can we be friends? :)


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