Monday, March 30, 2009

Let it Out, It Wants to!

I've thought about writing a book for years. YEARS. I've gone back and forth between writing children's stories, and novels, and teen fantasy and anything else you could think of. Not that I have any sort of writing background, college education or experience whatsoever. Unless you count high school English and reading lots of books. Yup, I'm a professional.

When I was a teenager I used to start "stories" all the time, I bet if I went to my grandparent's I could still find all the drafts on their old computer. It would be a tad scary, but I could if I wanted to.

So why this obsession with writing? I'm really not sure. I've always loved to read, and English was my favorite class throughout school. I enjoy it. Hence blogging. It seems like every one and their dog who blogs is a writer. Hmmmm, there must be some correlation right? I'm really not sure, but maybe!

Every once in awhile I get an idea for a book, it keeps me up all night, thinking about the characters, where the story will go, how it will end. I tell myself I'll get up and write it down and actually do it this time, but I never do. Maybe its because I know I'm not qualified and I feel silly, maybe its because I'm intimidated about publishing (HOW?!), maybe I'm just too dang lazy. I'm really not sure, but I never do it!

So this is my latest story idea, I will share it with you so it can stop haunting me, alright? You can make fun of me, or praise me (I would prefer the praise, thank you very much...) or whatever, but really I just want to get it out of my head! The background to it is this: I was at a youth fireside where the speaker was talking about the light of Christ showing in your face and BOOM the idea hit me. Here goes:

This would be the excerpt or whatever (I TOLD you I had no qualifications--SEE!) that you would read on the back of the book. Here goes for realsy this time:

Have you ever been in a large crowd, walking down the street or in an auditorium, and looking around you notice certain face stand out more than others? Not because they're looking at you, or because they look any different from anyone else around, but because there is just something that shines about them? Have you ever seen anyone like that?

I was always told I had a face that stood out in a crowd. I had gotten stopped by strangers so many times I couldn't count anymore. I was always glad I had that kind of face, and glad I knew the secret behind the face. I had something special, something I could share with others and make them stand out as well. Something amazing.

But never would I have thought I would have to hide that light if I were going to survive...

DUN DUN DUN!!! I know more of where I want this story to go, but that's just a taste of it. So what do you think? Stupid? Doesn't make any sense? Unoriginal? Lay it on me guys, I need to know! And do you ever think you should be a writer? Do you have stories waiting to be told?


  1. I think it sounds good! You do have a knack for writing.

  2. Sounds pretty original to me! Can't wait to hear more! I love that blogdania is full of writers--what a great chance for a writer to get validation! Esty is all about artists getting validation. Youtube is all about singers getting validation. It makes total sense.

  3. It's definitely nothing I've ever heard and NOW you have me curious to know what happens next!!! :)

  4. Well what's the rest of the story Mel, now I want to know. You've got us all on the edge of our seats.

    To answer your other question: I've turned my facebook off (having some problems) Please hop over to my blog and email me about lunch, so I can give you the particulars.

    kisses :0*

  5. I swear I could have written this post. Seriously. I would love to write a book. I always have a new idea and think what a great book that would make and then I write for like an hour and that's it. Nothing else. So go for it! And the excerpt sounds intriguing. . .

  6. I think if you want to write a book --JUST DO!! It doesn't matter a whit what any of us think. Explore that side of you and see what develops....I admire you for that.


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