Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Since High School Was so GRAND the First Time...

Dude guys, life has been so crazy! With trying to get the whole TV thing set up (which includes and is not limited to, unhooking all the trillion wires that were behind the TV, moving old ginormous entertainment center out of the house, putting together--yes, me, by myself--a new entertainment center, selling the old TV, and re-hooking the trillion and one wires back up, and more but I'll stop now because I've tuckered me little self out.) I haven't been on here much to blog. But don't worry, I've been thinking about you and thinking about things to blog about. I just can't do any long posts right now because I've got to get ready for Husband's family to come in tonight--again. Don't ask, just pray. Pray really hard for me. Kidding guys, it will be great! I hope.

But I did want to throw something out here while I have a spare minute. Do you remember my post about the crush I had in high school/junior high? No? Jerks. Okay here it is. And then do you remember me posting about that same crush asking to be my friend on Facebook?! NO AGAIN!? Sheesh guys, come on! So anyway, to get to the point of it all, the guy was visiting the area I live in currently, and left a message on my Facebook that he was in town. And it wasn't like a wanted or did not want to see him, it was just...sort of...weird. Ya know?! I wasn't sure what it would be like to see him again. Here's how it played out in my head:

Meet at a random place, say the mall or I-HOP.

I sit in a lowly booth, or on a bench somewhere, awaiting his presence.

In walks GQ model.

It's HIM!

I fall madly in love with him and we run away together.

The end.

NOT!! hahahahaha!

Okay, if you want me to be honest, this is really how it played out in my head:

We meet at someplace random, like a mall or I-HOP.

I sit in a lowly booth, or on a bench. With my booger encrusted children squirming and yelling and crawling on the floor, eating gum off the bottom of the bench. And I have poop on my shirt from The Boy.

In walks that guy, looking and acting exactly the same way as high school.

I barf out of complete and utter intolerance of people acting like they're still in high school.

He's completely weirded out that *I* have not one, not two, but three children; but also seriously impressed that I'm still so hot. (hey, this is my brain, it could happen.)

After the first thirty seconds of "Hey, its been so long! What've you been up to?! How's life?!" and maybe "WOW! You have three kids!! That's so crazy!", we'll have nothing to say to each other and it will be awkward and weird and. . . awkward.

Anyway, really, when he said he would be in town I didn't know what to say. So I went for tactful: Oh yeah? We'll have to get together sometime while you're here.

And then never said anything or tried at all to get in contact with him while he was here.

Do you think that's wrong? Do you think I was so immature about it? Do you, do you, do you!?!

Well, he obviously did because he hasn't talked to me since. Not even when I said sorry I missed getting together with him. Looks like its all back to high school once again. And you know what?

I didn't like high school the first time. Pooey.


  1. I think you took the polite, but realistic route. Because really, who wants to see their old high school crush again? But you can't really say that. You have to be nice. Sorry. Train of thought gone. Interrupted by children. Story of my life.

  2. Probably it is all just as well. Maybe his wife objected to his meeting up with still-hot you. :)

  3. I'm sure he would be nothing like he was in high school anyway. Just keep telling yourself that.

  4. Thanks Rachel, I tend to think I'm realistic so thats a total compliment to me, even if you didn't mean it that way. :)
    Heidi, yeah, he isn't married. >_> So maybe he was hoping situation #1 really WOULD happen!?! ;)
    Kristina, maybe not and that would be great. But from his pictures on Facebook...well, he could be the greatest person in the world but he still looks like he's "trying" so hard (to be cool). Does that make sense? Probably only to me. :) (Oh, and I'm not meaning that in a mean way, it's just I have three kids, so I tend to have to act a lot older than other people the same age as me, so I'm jaded. Or something like that.)

    Wow, this was a long comment to myself. :)

  5. I'm sorry too that I've been pretty much non exisitent. I have been like so major tired with so many projects that I am ready to puke. and nothing starts easing up until next Monday. I swear every day I hava million things to do.

    No I don't think you were immature about it. I think you were VERY MATURE! Old crushes just need to be left in the dust.


    Eat a smart cookie for me this week!

  6. Nope, not many of us were fans of high school. I enjoyed your scenarios ---------and he missed out as I bet you are still sooo serioulsy HOT.


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