Saturday, March 7, 2009

I won't do it!! NO NO NO!! WAAAAH!

Oldest is going to a birthday party in half an hour and I'm going to try REALLY hard to be good and get things done while she's there (now what do I do with the other two?). So before she goes I'm going to blog! Whooey!

When I was young and impressionable, I was a VERY picky eater. VERY. I didn't like a lot of food and I was super dramatic if my parents tried to force me to eat something. Or super stubborn, I'm not sure which. Well, how about both? Yes, that works.

I would sit at the table bawling. They would tell me I couldn't get up until I finished my plate. I would sit there for a veeeeerrrry long time. Maybe fall asleep. Cry some more. Would NOT finish my plate. And so it went for many a year.

One of my mom's favorite dinner's to make--that NO ONE in our family liked except my parents--was sweet 'n sour meatballs. *GAG* I still can't think about them without retching a little. They were so nasty. Eeew sicko! *whoo breaths*

It was meatballs (duh), on a bed of rice, with a big ol' slice of pineapple under them and some secret gonna-make-you-hurl sweet 'n sour sauce. Sounds delish huh? NOT AT ALL.

Anyway, one night my mom made the dreaded "food" and I wasn't having none of it. But she had places to go and things to do, things I ALSO wanted to do. She told me if I didn't finish eating I wasn't going to go with her to wherever it was we were supposed to go. Maybe I didn't think she would actually do it. Maybe that was the stubborn part of me. But when it came time for her to go, I still hadn't eaten anything. So she went out, got in the car and started driving away.

I shoved the stupid meatballs in my mouth and ran outside, gagging and crying and screaming and gagging...after her. Maybe that was the dramatic part of me. She stopped, rolled her eyes, and then let me get in.

Funny mom, don't you know when we get older our taste buds MUST change and then all of a sudden we will actually try to eat normally? Silly mom, don't you know that kids are NOT reasonable on any level? Silly kid, don't you know mom's will ALWAYS try to make you eat dinner? Dumb child, don't you know she was helping you grow?!

Things worked out in the end though, she can make sweet 'n sour meatballs any time she wants, and I now will in no way ever have to eat them again! Amen.


  1. My husband is still a picky eater. He refuses to eat anything with onions in it, even if you can't taste them. Sometimes, I don't tell him there are onions in something, unless it's really delicious and I want it all for myself.

  2. There's nothing like being a parent to give you perspective. I was a super duper picky eater so I don't push my kids to eat one thing they don't like. Maybe I'm too easy going but I would be a real hypocrite to insist they eat what I give them b/c "it's nutritious" whilst giving the sugary cold cereal for breakfast every morning. You know?

  3. We all grew up I think with some "dreaded food" we had to eat. Mine was these dumpling things mom made on top of a stew --------blaachhh BUT you can bet hell or hight water, we ate it all. My grandkids are terrible eaters --I think the rules have changed somewhat.

  4. My mom would make Mac and Cheese with tuna and peas. Seriously. Yummy, right? One night I complained that no one liked it. She said, yes they do. So, I took a little poll. And my sweet, sweet dad, who never said a word against anything my mom cooked, sheepishly admitted to not liking it. And we never ate it again . . .


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